A Step-By-Step Guide To Hiring Quality PHP Developers From India

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For your business to thrive in this digital era, you must boost your online presence. Without a working online strategy, you will be limiting your business’s capabilities as far as capturing more leads is concerned. A rapid business-based growth starts with how you implement online presence strategy. And it starts with having a professional website. With a nicely designed website, you are able to showcase your products and service offerings to your potential customers.

However, designing a functional website takes a lot of resources, time, and effort. Besides, you need that extra time to concentrate on other important matters. And that’s where a PHP developer comes in.

But, who is a PHP developer?

First, understand what PHP is. In simple terms, PHP is a server-side based scripting language. The language is open source in nature and comes with simple coding procedures. Plus, PHP language is easy to integrate and supports an extensive range of libraries.

Popular among most web developers, PHP has been highly recommended by an array of companies—including Yahoo, Facebook, as well as Twitter. However, hiring a trustworthy PHP developer can be confusing—especially if you are new in this sphere. Even more, there are many PHP developers out there. So, if you are looking for a reputable PHP development company in India, here are the tips and steps help you out.

Company Portfolio

The first step should be to look at the agency’s portfolio. With a portfolio, you are able to get a detailed picture as far as the capability of the company is concerned. Look at the projects they have handled before. Who are the PHP developer’s past clients? Does that developer have a technical ability? Look at the developer’s areas of specialization.  Ensure that the company has an excellent track record before making a decision.

Visit Their Website

Look at the company’s website before making your decision. Remember, PHP is all about creating tantalizing and appealing websites that can lift your online presence. So, a company with a highly optimized website is likely to do a nice job. The developers will tinker to get you one of the best websites. So, if you want a highly optimized website that you can be proud of, look at the website of the company you want to hire.


Go to the company’s website. Read the testimonial. With testimonials, you are able to know the level of customer satisfaction of the company you want to hire. Besides customer satisfaction, testimonials will give you a clear picture when it comes to trust, feedback, and experience of that PHP Company.

Also, read the individual client testimonials. With this strategy, you will know past top clients and the area of expertise of that PHP Company. Also, try contacting those clients and ask specific questions that will help you ascertain the company’s level of expertise and professionalism. Remember, rogue PHP companies tend to hire people to write fake reviews. So, if you want to ascertain the authenticity of these reviews, call past clients and ask them specific questions.

Work Experience

Do you want better results? Well, hire an experienced PHP development company. With an experienced company, you have a partner who knows how to achieve real results. Plus, a reliable and experienced company will not compromise on quality. So, asses the experience of the company you choose. Try to inquire about the number of years that the company has been doing business.

Methodologies Used

Difference companies employ different PHP methodologies. So, try to inquire about the methodology that the company employs. Ensure that methodology used fits into your project requirement. Does it align with your company’s procedures? Choose a company that utilizes the latest and most advanced PHP tools, techniques, as well as frameworks. Such a company is likely to get you high-quality results.  

Get a Questionnaire

Demand a questionnaire from your chosen firm. With a questionnaire, you have a platform where you will fill in your project’s explicit requirement—a key step toward ensuring that you get good results. The questionnaire will help the developer know your business details as well as areas of expertise. It will also help the PHP developer assesses the complexity of your project. This will ensure that you and the developer are on the same page as far as project guidelines are concerned.

Get a Quote

Request the developer to give you a quote. This will help you determine if the pricing fits into your company’s budget. Also, don’t fear to negotiate. Most PHP developers charge per hour. So, be sure to determine the number of hours the developer will use to deliver your project.

Customer Support

Does the company have reliable customer service? Try to investigate the company’s customer support desk. Do they answer questions meticulously? How long do they take to respond? Do they have Skye-based communication? These are the questions you should ask before hiring a PHP developer in India.

What Are Your Goals?

Your goals should come first when hiring a PHP developer. Be explicit as far as your project requirements are concerned. State your goals in a clear and concise way. For instance, if you will be sending transactional emails to clients—be sure to specify it in your project requirements. Indicating all the project requirements will help the PHP developer fully understand the project—a key step towards producing better results.

The Bottom-Line

You are living in a digital era—where online presence is fundamental. So, if you want to give your business an uplift, start with hiring a PHP developer. With a PHP developer, you have a partner who understands everything with web development—including designing a website that will give your business a powerful online presence and reputation. However, the web development sphere is crowded with an array of companies—making it hard to find a reliable developer. Luckily, you can follow the above tips and steps to land a quality PHP development company in India. So, act now and let your business get the leads it deserves.

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