Why Hiring Tech Could Save Small Businesses

Small Businesses

While the first reaction to renting computers, printers and audio visual equipment for business use is that it is expensive and not worth the time.

Owning something is always more attractive and you’d be able to use the technology for as long as you like. However, there are many reasons that make renting more attractive.


If you’re a small or start-up business, then you may consider investing in computers or hardware as your company begins to grow. However, this may be a lot of money to part with, especially if your business isn’t directly related to using computers.

If for instance you wanted to set up a film making company, then you may struggle to get funding so you can afford the equipment you need to do the work. Therefore, hiring the technology you need means that you don’t have to pay an extortionate amount of money up front and straight away.

It also means that your business won’t have to get a loan to afford equipment. So if cash flow is important to your business, then consider renting instead of buying. If, however, you end up renting for a very long time, it may work out to be more expensive.

Up To Date

Because renting is so flexible, it means that your computer equipment will never go obsolete. You can even update your technology during your rental period so you have no fear of being left behind.

You can also try out different types of hardware, meaning that you can test out which is the best for your line of work, so by the time you’re making enough money to buy you’ll know which one works. Renting means that you can add or remove computers as you need them, rather than having an unused computer sitting in the office.

It Won’t Depreciate

Following on from the last point, the equipment won’t depreciate in value like it would if you had bought it. If you’re a small business you can’t afford to lose money through the value of your technology.

However, though you are spending money, you have nothing to show for your investment.

No Need For The IT Guy

You can save money by not employing someone to keep the computers working smoothly, as you will have no need for them. Renting computers means that you can also save on trying to keep them up to date yourself.

If you rent from a good quality ethical company, then you will receive good support from them- this is something worth asking about before you rent. They should offer installation, networking, hardware support, preinstalled software and a consultancy service.


Freelancers won’t need the same computer equipment all of the time, and this is particularly true for filmmakers as they will need different types of equipment.

Renting allows someone to have certain equipment for a short amount of time, but cuts out the risk of investment in something that will never be used again.

Darcie Hewitt-Dudding writes on behalf of http://www.universalrentals.co.uk; offering rentals of tech such as computers, computer peripherals, audio-visual equipment and more.

5 thoughts on “Why Hiring Tech Could Save Small Businesses”

  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for sharing this post with the BizSugar community. In the end, there are probably no hard and fast rules about buying vs. renting tech for a business. It really comes down to your financial resources and how you will be using each piece of technology. For example, here in the U.S., buying a few laptops with consumer credit is inexpensive and so is high speed Internet. But for more expensive, more specialized equipment, renting might make much more sense, especially if your company does not need to use this tech on a regular basis. Also, cloud computing offers a vast array of features that can easily be paid for as needed.

  2. Jane,

    What can I say? great research on small business. It is a bit tough task to implement though but i will try to do. Thanks for sharing

  3. I never thought about actually renting computers before, and it sounds like the benefits are similar to renting vs. buying a car. This is definitely something to consider. The concern would be how do you know you are renting from an ethical/good company?

  4. Personally, I prefer owning computer rather than renting. However, if there are financial constraints, renting is definitely a good option especially with the details that you have provided here.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Well, looks like it makes sense to just rent instead of buying when it comes to having small business. From upgrading to maintenance, it does cost quite a lot.


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