How Apple Became The Apple Of Everybody’s Eye


How Apple Became The Apple Of Everybody's Eye

Apple’s latest iPhone probably would be the biggest leap since the launch of the original iPhone four years ago. In the age of mobile internet and apps, Apple has surpassed Nokia and Blackberry, its prominent contenders in the mobile industry. With Facetime, a feature supporting video calling on the latest iPhone with the highest resolution display gives it a high standard for mobile communication. Let’s have a look at how Apple’s iPhone is setting the bar for other smartphones.

A Style of its own – completely UNIQUE

It is well known that the first generation iPhone from Apple did not have many features to offer but the latest iPhone has overcome almost all its previous flaws. Its 9-cm stunning multi-touch screen devoid of buttons, a cell phone integrated with an iPod MP3 player and a physical keyboard will make it an obvious choice to be on anyone’s favourites list.

A Cool App Store

One of the main reasons of iPhone’s development is its revolutionary App store which contains around 500,000 applications to download. It mainly intends to cater to the different needs of everyone. Be it a young music lover or a business professional. One can purchase and download music and television shows from the store.

You can also download entertainment apps or games or business applications like Office Pro suite and WSG app. The evolution of Apple’s iTunes store is what distinguishes it from other smartphones. It surely gives other smartphones a run for their money with its groundbreaking application distribution platform. Steve Jobs iPhone hogging the limelight, thus is no surprise and is well ahead of other app stores like blackberry’s App world or Nokia’s Ovi Store.


With its easy to use interface,amazing features,and rock solid stability, iOS – Apple’s mobile operating system keeps it ahead of all the competion. The iOS provides a user interface based on the concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures along with a safari web browser giving a superb surfing experience.

The response to user input is immediate and provides a fluid interface. It surely gives a trail for Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian.

The iPad

iPhone’s offspring iPad goes on to show us the success of the iPhone. This iPad gives a bigger platform for movies, periodicals, music and games that can be easily downloaded from the itunes store.

In the first quarter of the year 2011, Apple sold around 4.69 million iPads taking 80 percent of the market share. Over 90,000 apps are already optimised for the iPad along with 200,000 apps which are available with the itunes store for the tablet. This is a main hurdle for other touchpad makers.

Market Share

Though Nokia has been selling the most phones, its market share is declining over the years. Samsung has sold around 3 million units of the galaxy S2 smartphones, it intends to take on Nokia by the year end. The single best selling phone so far, is Apple’s iPhone 4, selling 1.7 million units within just three days of its June release.

Apple has only released technically four models of the iPhone in the past four years, each having minor changes in design from the previous and iOS in contrast to the other mobile manufacturers releasing n number of models every now and then.

Apple’s iPhone stands tall setting a benchmark making other mobile mannufactures struggle to keep up and proves to be a role model on what a high end mobile should offer.

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