How to Choose Between Indoor and Outdoor Covers

outdoor car covers

Car covers offer many benefits, from protecting your car from cat claws, bicycle dents, the sun’s UV rays and even theft. You can use a custom outdoor car cover to keep bird droppings and sap off your car, which protects its value and keeps you from having to spend hours cleaning it. What type of cover do you need for your car? The answer is that it depends. Learn more about indoor and outdoor covers to determine which one fits your needs.

Difference in Materials 

An outdoor cover protects your car when it sits outside under a tree or in the sun. In some locations, summer hail is a real problem. Outdoor covers are made from heavy-duty fabrics that protect your car against the worst that Mother Nature can throw at your car. If you store your car in a garage, it can still get damaged by dust, kitty paws and other items in your garage. Indoor covers are usually more lightweight than outdoor car covers, but still able to protect the car from things that could damage the paint job. The big difference is that indoor covers are more breathable to prevent moisture or heat getting trapped under the cover, because that could damage the paint job.

Knowing Your Environment and Weather

When buying a car cover, you need to consider how you will store your car and what type of weather you deal with. If you have frequent rain, you may want a cover that withstands water. If you take the cover off and on frequently, an indoor cover is easier to use. If you’re storing a car for a long time, you want a form-fitting cover. Chevy Corvette car covers come in many different styles to give you many options.

Taking Care of Your Cover 

A car cover is an investment, so you’ll want to take care of it properly. You should make sure that dust doesn’t get on the lining, because it will damage the paint job. When the car cover gets dirty or tattered, it won’t do the job you need it to. Dirt and grime buildup can cause moisture to get through the cover onto your car.

Before you buy, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for how to care for your car cover. In general, you shouldn’t use a regular washer with a center agitator to wash the cover. You may need to dry clean the cover. Don’t use fabric softeners when washing your car cover. Dry your car cover on your car instead of heating it in the dryer. You don’t want to wash the car cover too often, because that can cause the chemicals on the cover to wash away, putting your car at risk of exposure to the elements.

When you store the cover, fold it up and place it in a safe, dust-free place. If you plan on storing the cover, wrap it in plastic or place it in a bin to prevent it from getting dusty. Never store your car cover when it’s wet.

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