How to Use Instagram for Customer Service

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What do you do first thing in the morning? Have breakfast? Drink two glasses of water? Go out for a run? The answer is obvious. You wake up and check your social media accounts. Looking at the stories of your friends and commenting on their posts gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

Moreover, checking up on your favorite influencers and exploring the various posts on your explore page really fuels your body and you feel that now, you are ready to face the day. We are not saying that this routine is praiseworthy and must always be followed. It is no doubt quite unhealthy both physically and mentally. 

However, this is the world of social media. Almost everyone is busy keeping up with their social media life and so isolating yourself from this digital world is not a very good approach. Here’s an idea: instead of wasting countless hours looking at celebrities and following useless trends, you must use these apps to enhance your business operations, knowing that the majority of people are busy browsing through applications like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Several companies have adopted this smart approach and have instantly made Instagram accounts in order to market their goods and attract customers into purchasing their products. One such example is Optimum. 

This telecommunications company has around fifteen thousand Instagram followers. Its representatives are available throughout the day in order to converse with the customers and solve their issues. For more information, please visit .

Conversing one on one with the customers and knowing where they are coming from is a very important trait that can greatly benefit the company in the long run. Being available on Instagram 24/7 can give customers the confidence that their problems are important and that you will always be there for them. 

Looking at the growing popularity of this app and the impact that it is creating in the digital world, we have decided to dedicate an entire article to Instagram’s role in providing exceptional customer service. So let’s begin. 

Why Provide Customer Support on Instagram?

Interacting with your customers on Instagram and other social media applications positively influences customer experience. Just because of this reason, it is now the most talked about customer support trend. 

You can get a better idea of this from the fact that around 72% of millennials say that they are more inclined toward a company that instantly responds to their queries on social media according to a recent study. 

Additionally, comments, answers, and engagement data can give you a deeper understanding of the opinions and input of your customers. The consumer experience for your brand can then be improved using the insights from this investigation.

How to Utilize Instagram for Customer Support?

With the numerous benefits that customer support offers on Instagram, you may be thinking: how do corporations support so many customers using Instagram? Discussed below are some tips you can follow to provide exceptional customer service. 

1. Converse with a Congenial Brand Tone as well as Voice

Consistency is the most important element that can make you succeed in every phase of life. It also thus helps in establishing a noticeable brand voice. One of the finest ways to make sure that you are consistent is by adopting comprehensible standards for serving the customers who contact you on Instagram for issues and queries regarding your brand. 

Communicate in a style that speaks to your target audience if you want to be sure you have their attention. This entails responding in a manner that reflects their vernacular and incorporating popular hashtags and emojis in your posts and comments. Keep it informal and welcoming to conform to the platform’s essence.

2. Make it Simpler for the Customers to Reach Out to You

Instagram gives you the option of allowing your customers to reach out to you in multiple ways. You can add action buttons to your profile, such as a “Contact” button, as well as an email or phone number by creating a business profile on Instagram. Another, conspicuous place to share your email address is in your Instagram bio.

3. Give Your Clients the Option of Self-Service

Instagram even offers options to perform self-service, a method of providing digital customer assistance that is becoming more and more popular. For instance, by choosing which of your Instagram stories to display at the top of your profile beneath your bio, you can assist clients in finding quick answers.

4. Set up Direct Message Quick Replies on Instagram

Do you frequently get the same inquiries on Instagram? If so, you might wish to make use of the rapid reply option.

With the help of the rapid replies tool, marketers can compile a library of prewritten comments and put them into a direct message. It is a terrific method to avoid typing the same response many times and can help you respond to client questions quickly while still giving them the finest information possible.

Final words

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications out there. People are quite fond of this app and spend countless hours of the day browsing, shopping, and gaining inspiration from their favorite bloggers and influencers. Hence, it is very important for brands to realize the significance of this app and its popularity among the people and use it for the betterment of the customers.  

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