HP Envy 17 Review: Power Plus Beauty

There are number of laptops in the market featuring windows based operating system and offering high end features backed by powerful processors and memory modules. It is stated that HP Envy 17 fits into the category of desktop replacement. Let us find more about the product and its pros and cons.

Technical Specifications

HP Envy 17 comes with Inter Core i7 processor and 4 GB RAM. It is fitted with 500 GB Hard Disk with a speed of 7,20o rpm and contains Intel PM 55 Express Chipset. Radeon HD 5850 Graphics card is available to facilitate crystal clear viewing of photos and videos along-with games.

HP Envy 17 Review: Power Plus Beauty

The laptop comes with factory installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Operating System. Video connectivity is enhanced through VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort. Laptop can be connected through headphone/microphone jacks and stereo speakers.

The data can be transferred through USB 3.0 and SD Card Reader which makes most of your peripherals powered on. There is no room for expansion slot.


You can establish connectivity through Ethernet, Bluetooth and wireless (802.11 Wi-Fi standards).  Envy 17 comes with KleerNet transmitter that has the capability to transfer audio signals through wireless. It has the capability to transmit signals to any other KleerNet receiver much in the lines Bluetooth data transfer.

It is also possible to receive audio signals through USB dongle to a notebook that is not equipped with KleerNet. After going through the setup procedure which can be completed in less than 5 minutes, you may even enjoy video chats through the wireless network.

The laptop supports both optical driver and Blu-ray player. It is fitted with a webcam featuring 1280 x 800 p camera that lets you capture still images and videos. The chiclet keyboard is kept intact with Envy 14 and a dedicated keypad is available.

Desktop Replacement

HP Envy 17 side view

Coming to the size, the laptop width is 16.4 x 10.8 inches. Height is 1.3 to 1.5 inches. The screen size is 17.3 inches. The system weighs 7.2 pounds without adapter card and 8.8 pounds with adapter card. The laptop best fits into desktop replacement category. Envy 17 is closer to MacBook Pro looks. MacBook Pro is slimmer than Envy 17.

Backlit keyboard and clickpad on Envy 17 resemble MacBook Pro. The chassis of HP Envy 17 is built with a mix of aluminum and magnesium that promises durability.

The laptop is pre-installed with a number of utilities and support functionalities. You can run various built-in diagnostics including HP CoolSense Technology, Connection Manager and Support Assistant.


  • Like the Envy 14, the overall look and feel factors are satisfactory.
  • With a big sized screen and dedicated graphics card, you can enjoy high quality videos.
  • With a total of 4 USB ports, the connectivity is enhanced including USB 3.0
  • Inclusion of 5-in-1 card reader and Blu-ray player are versatile.
  • Improvised keyboard with backlight on and off facility.
  • The processor and RAM capacity can be enhanced.
  • The laptop can handle voluminous processing by being able to handle simultaneous run of applications such as Photoshop, blu-ray player and games.
  • Comes with top-notch audio solution. Ability to transfer audio and video is unique and convenient.
  • Comes with decent battery backup


  • Even though Envy 17 satisfies in looks, the laptop is sturdy and one can better manage it under a single roof rather than moving it from one place to another place because of its heaviness. With similar features, MacBook Pro looks prospective in this matter.
  • The product is in upper range of laptop prices.
  • It is reported that the laptop generates much heat than earlier versions. The heat is more intense beneath the ‘G’ and ‘H’ keys on the keypad.
  • Lack of automatic graphics switching


Though HP Envy 17 has drawbacks in terms of lack of certain features, the price for the given hardware setup looks convincing. With a dedicated button for audio control, you can experience excellent beats.

Further, it is possible to connect and access audio and video files through wireless. The system loads fast and you can enjoy videos, graphics and animations with crystal clear quality. In addition to software utilities, HP Envy 17 comes with Adobe software and attractive company warranty.

Envy 17 is well built with decency in design and looks sturdy to withstand wear and tear. In terms of looks and feels, HP Envy 17 is closer to Apple’s MacBook Pro. With the introduction of Envy 17 customers have better options from HP with decent performance.

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  1. Hey, Jane! Do you know what I like the most at Envy 17? Its connectivity options! I like that it gives me three alternatives: wireless, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

  2. Thanks Jane, this is very informative post. I am looking forward to meet and have this Hp envy17. You had a great review regarding this gadget.

  3. Great review Jane! That sounds really cool! Thanks for the heads up! I’ve never heard of this before and would not have known about it either.

  4. I have never been a big fan of HP, but looking at this post about the Envy 17 makes me think a little different. I might have to check it out, thanks.

  5. HP Envy is a beauty to embrace and really like its features and specifications. But I think 17 inch display is to big for me to carry, For me 15 inch is more than enough.


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