iPhone Taken For A Ride With Ice Cream Sandwich


iPhones are taken for a ride with Android based smartphones powered by Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Operating System. Apple revises or releases new products once in a year. On the other hand, Android based versions will keep on flooding the market on round the year basis. It is a great setback for Apple and a great tempting time for Apple loyalists.

The only advantage Apple offers for its customers are the backward compatibility. You can happily install the latest iOS version on your old Apple device and enjoy the features. It is a great challenge to customers if they have to vote for, either Apple or Android.

Especially it is a tough time for those who are using iPhone 4S and those who are waiting for iPhone 5 as was announced by Apple. On the other hand, the popularity of HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III is growing posing a great alternative to iPhones. Let us check the possibilities.

ICS attractions

It is expected that Apple will announce a better product by this summer. Samsung Galaxy III offers promising features as a better alternative to iPhone 4S. It has some really cool features like high speed network connection and camera with very high shutter speed.

Credit goes to Ice Cream Sandwich for the sheer performance of Samsung Galaxy III. ICS lets you create large images. New ICS based smartphones fare well in terms of hardware and software proportions compared to the iPhone. There is significant improvement in browser performance. You will we able to save web pages that can be read later in offline mode.

ICS lets you pull down the notifications from the lock screen. You will be able to view the thumbnails of recently used applications. This is a new feature implemented on ICS. The only advantage iPhone offers are the easy transfer of applications, contents and contacts from one iOS based system to another iOS based system. If you are looking for immediate change, iPhone is not an option as it will take time to book new iPhone.

Apple has ambitious plans to upgrade iPhone 4S and it will certainly take time. If you are a staunch Apple user and really exploring options to switch gears to a new platform, ICS is really attractive and it is a timely opportunity to draw the best features from a smartphone. Windows based smartphones are far behind in this scenario.

iPhone alternatives

If you are sure about marching ahead with ICS, the next challenge is how to figure out the best in ICS based smartphones. In terms of specifications released by Samsung Galaxy III and HTC One X, there are a number of similarities between them.

These two phones are of almost the same size. 8MP camera is common between them. These cameras come with fast shutter speed. You will have the capability to capture pictures at the rate of 3 frames per second. You can select the best shot out of these captured snaps and the rest of the shots will be deleted automatically.

1080p HD video recording is the benchmark of Samsung Galaxy III and HTC One X. Voice recognition and gesture sign-up are available in Samsung Galaxy III. The device will not run into sleep mode as long as there is activity on your phone. It will be able to sense your usage like phone calls or performing a task on any smart application. Even if you are reading a book, the phone will not go down to sleep mode.

Precautions before selection

If you are really serious about your new ICS choice, you are advised to visit the showroom nearest to your area where you will be able to compare the products with your own eyes. As you check these phones physically you will be able to judge their features and will help you take a better decision.

These phones are likely to implement extra features in addition to the native ICS capability. The relevance of these new features which are driven by the new software can be figured out as you check the available features yourself.


With the introduction of the Google Android 4.0 version the intense hot debate goes on in tech circles. ICS has some unique and powerful features.

Improved voice commands, enhanced browser, facial recognition, enhanced image capturing capability and improved core applications such as Gmail and Calendar makes ICS attractive and really tempting for new entrants into smartphone market. It is also tempting Apple users to switch over to Android from iOS to have the new and impeccable experience.


2 thoughts on “iPhone Taken For A Ride With Ice Cream Sandwich”

  1. Hello Jane,

    I very passionate about smartphones and I was long awaiting for those two titans to appear on the market. But since there is no perfect smartphone, they both have some pros and cons:

    HTC One X over Samsung Galaxy S III:
    – polycarbonate unibody
    – better screen
    – Beats audio
    – already on the market

    Samsung Galaxy S III over HTC One X
    – bigger screen
    – SAMOLED screen with better contrast
    – more storage options versus non expendable 32GB of the HTC One X
    – S voice (Siri for Samsung)
    – better stand-by due to bigger battery (2100mAh vs. 1800 mAh.)

  2. The one reason I like Apple products is that they have one language – Objective C which uses frameworks to stop programmers creating viruses or anything clunky. That’s the reason why they are so stable and I would prefer them over any other device. They also check each app before publishing the app.
    Having said that though, if you want more easier compatibility and customisation options, cheaper devices, plus more free apps and don’t mind a little bit of ‘clunkiness’ that comes with a multi-programming-language accepting platform, then I’d go for Android.


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