5 Things to Know About KVM VPS Hosting

kvm vps hosting

Choosing to use a VPS [Virtual Private Server] is a good, cost-effective way to manage the hosting of your website, as there are plenty of options, the opportunity to customize things to some extent, and perhaps best of all you don’t have to share your space with anyone else! Whether you are migrating from a free site or from a shared hosting service, you will never regret the decision to switch.

There are several types of VPS hosting systems, with one of the most popular being KVM – and here are five things you need to know about KVM VPS hosting.

1. KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine

A KVM is a VPS which is designed specially to sit above a physical server – while operating independently of it. It is well-liked for being extremely reliable and efficient. The KVM transforms the Linux kernel into a hypervisor [a host machine which the runs several connected virtual (or guest) machines],

2. A KVM is extremely flexible

Unlike competitors like Open VZ which can only host Linux OS, a KVM server can host Linux, Windows, Solaris, Haiku, Plan 9, OS X and even custom options. Minix and Android 2.2 are amongst the operating systems which will work, but just not quite to full capacity.

3. KVM VPS hosting gives you exclusive access to the server

Users have 100% of the RAM to themselves and their own kernel – so there are no worries about extra or unused RAM being absorbed by others sharing the server.

4. KVM VPS Hosting is reliable

Some hosting types sell off server space in the same way airplanes oversell their tickets, as they are working on the assumption that not everyone will show up for the journey – or in the case of a server, that not all with access to the resources will actually use everything they are entitled to.

Of course, we know that sometimes the flight is too full, and those who don’t make it onboard are bumped off completely. The same thing can happen to a server, so choosing a KVM VPS is like buying a ticket for the first class cabin, confident your seat won’t be reassigned.

5. KVM VPS Hosting is extremely secure

Making sure that your website is as secure as it possibly can be is obviously important, and it is also a responsibility you have to anyone who has stored their personal data on your site, or perhaps their bank information if you are selling products or services. An SSL certificate is a must, and a generally secure site should always be a priority.

A KVM utilizes a combination of SELinux (security-enhanced Linux) and sVirt (secure virtualization) to provide such a comprehensive and reliable secure system.

Take your time to look around at the company’s who can provide KVM VPS hosting, to find the one which best suits you in terms of price and customer service options, most will be able to help if you are migrating an existing site. Then it’s simply a matter of enjoying the benefits your new hosting system is going to deliver.

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