LinkedIn As Promotional Tool For Your Company

LinkedIn As Promotional Tool For Your Company

LinkedIn is a great place to promote yourself and network with people.  Many are successful in doing that. But very few are using LinkedIn to promote their business, which is a shame because LinkedIn offers many ways to do that. LinkedIn is a business network, so you can get highly qualified leads compared to other social networks.

In most cases only visitors from search engines convert better than LinkedIn visitors. All the things mentioned below won’t cost you anything so you should definitely give them a try.

Create a LinkedIn Company Page

It is free to create a LinkedIn company page and anybody can do it. Only thing you require is a valid email address that doesn’t belong to a free email service. You are not allowed to create a company profile using Gmail, Yahoo mail etc because spammers use it to abuse the system.

When you buy a domain and set up web hosting you are given email accounts as well. You can use one of those to register for the service. After the registration you can access your page and modify it according to your liking.

You can add your logo, write a description about your company and include various other information like your specialities, location, employee numbers, link to company web page, link to Twitter profile and also a link to your blogs RSS feed.

After you fill out the basic information then you can include your services and products.  This is important because then you can get recommendations for separate products and services.

After setting up the page ask you employees to choose the page when specifying where they are working.  This will add a link to your company profile page from individual profile pages, giving you more exposure in LinkedIn.

If you want more exposure for your products you can try LinkedIn advertisements as well, which tend to convert well.

Requesting Employees to Link to You

LinkedIn profiles rank well for name searches and relatively active profiles acquire good page rank as well. A user can add up to three websites in an individual LinkedIn profile.

You can use this resource to get additional links to your profile. In the section where you can add websites there is a drop down to select the website type.

If you choose company as the type and added the website, the anchor text will be “Company Website”, which is a poor choice in terms of search engine optimization. Ask your employees to choose “other” as the website category and type a keyword rich description for the link.

It is important to remember about keyword variation as well. You don’t want hundreds of people linking to you instantly with the exact same anchor text.

Mentioned above are two often unused ways that you can use to promote your company in LinkedIn. Then it’s a matter of connecting with people and being visible in LinkedIn by commenting on groups etc.

Choose some groups relevant to your niche and actively participate in the discussions. As with any social or business network you wont get any attention in the beginning, but once you become an authority, then the leads will flow in.

Nishadha a technology consultant with more than 8 years experience working with software companies. His software engineering background combined with his knowledge in search engine optimization and conversion optimization helps him understand technology companies and promote their products. He’s interested in social media and learning more about how to combing technology in Internet marketing. He loves info-graphics and regularly create them using Creately.

4 thoughts on “LinkedIn As Promotional Tool For Your Company”

  1. Nishadha – Thanks for the guide. It would seem that Linkedin ads would convert better than Facebook ads for professional services such as business coaching. Do you have any opinion?

  2. Hi Michael, for a professional service Facebook advertisements would convert better, but you need to keep in mind that Facebook advertisements are relatively cheap. So it’s better to run advertisements on both platforms and calculate the budget vs conversion rate. As mentioned in the article, you can also try adding that as a service and getting recommendation for that service. It’s free to do and I have had success with some of my clients that way. Those were for products, but I think it should work well for services as well.

  3. LinkedIn has been very helpful to me to connect with professionals and get engaged in them in a business relationship. I get to promote myself and my company as well.


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