Market App Refurbishes Androids

Market App Refurbishes Androids

Guess what? Google has been bitten by UI bug. Yeah, of late Google is going fanatical about User Interfaces; the latest victim of this desire is Android. Android has been revamped with Market App which not only revived the User Interface of Android but also makes people to engage in downloading and purchasing more products.

The new Market App is obliging to both the users as well as the developers. Yup, the Market App is interesting and engaging to the users as it showcases top Apps and Games along with shortcuts for purchasing them. On the flip side, developers are glad that this App is their top grossing venture since it improves the probability of users downloading the Apps.

However, some people who used this Market App of Droid (including me) feel that the box like design looks a speck redolent to home screen of Windows 7 phone. I don’t know whether it’s our perception or it’s really so.

Another pleasant plus of this App is that the lists are rationalized according to the country of the users and it can also be simplified further according to your needs or style of buying process. This feature makes the App even more user-friendly since users from every nation can feel that this App is custom made for them.

This is not all, there is more. The Market App doesn’t end its functionality here; it improves your prospects of purchasing books or renting movies. Yeah, be it your all time favorite Harry Potter Series or an efficient e-book on SEO you can buy it easily through your Droid (thanks to the Market App). If you are a movie maniac then here is your savior, Market App lets you to rent movies at prices as low as $1.99.

Apart from these features the Droid’s Market App is fully dedicated for business reasons (both for the users as well as developers). Although this App seems to be a cool one it may take much more time for the Droids to draw alongside the smartphones’ Don Apple. Since, Apple has a track record of 15 billion Apps downloaded through its App store.

The poignant news is that Market App is available only on Android 2.2 or higher versions currently. The newer version of this App will be rolled out in the imminent weeks.

If you are a non-Droid user or if you don’t have Droid of 2.2 or higher then you may take a look of this marvelous Market App through the videos that are prevailing over the internet right now.

With day to day news about Androids getting increased conspicuously, we may expect Droids to be a threat to the smartphones’ King Apple. Albeit Apple being in a safe position the latest ventures of Droid (Google+, Read It Pro, Wave launcher, Gmail, Market App, etc) seems to be a potential risk to the Apple Empire.

Whatever may be the business tactics behind these ventures am personally happy with my Droid and its awe-inspiring Apps. Have you tried the Market App? Share your experience about it through comments.

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