Latest on Microsoft’s Horizons: Office App Launch for iPad

Latest on Microsoft’s Horizons: Office App Launch for iPad

Microsoft has undoubtedly been one of the frontrunners of developmental technology. Yet the classics such as Microsoft office have remained one of the most dependable software packages throughout its inception.

With the latest wave of tablets and smart phone launches, it has become even more essential for the company to consider re-inventing Microsoft office suite in a version compatible with the latest gadget trends.

While there had been rumors of discussions and progress in developments for Microsoft office app for iPad, it seems the news is now more concrete than ever.

Here are the final details to what user can expect of the app and what other areas Microsoft will consider addressing to get with the current technological wave.

Interface specifications and expectations

Recently, credible sources have confirmed that the project is complete and ready to be launched. Some of the prototype users have shared their experiences, which leads to the following points:

  • The user interface has been simplified for a faster approach on iPad. The interface now resembles the Microsoft OneNote app. However, there are some clear differences in the features.
  • The app clearly supports Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents (including, opening, editing, and creating new documents). However, there is no news regarding the inclusion of any others of the application software from the original office suite.
  • There is a clear absence of a launch of an android version for the Microsoft office app; however, there are no relevant plans for the near future.
  • The rumors do state that there is quite a rush to launch the Microsoft office app on iPad and it might even trump the launch of the app for ARM powered tablets (Windows 8 OS support).

Launch astuteness and competition

There have been quite a lot of speculations on the delay in developing the app in the first place. Considering there is quite a host of alternative apps to Microsoft office suites, ready and performing on iPad (iWord, SlideShark).

In the face of this competition, there have continuous analysis on the advisability of the development and launch for this niche market (iPad).

However, analysts have also presented the argument of making more options available for the users and the claim of common platforms for the users on both their desktops as well as iPads.

This will provide them with the option of streaming their desktop Windows OS screen onto their iPads (optional with Onlive Desktop app).

The financial point of view

The development of the app has been looked  as a strong financial move. It is claimed to be a logical extension of the existing series strategy (Microsoft office version for MAC already exists!).

The development of the app has been undertaken after extensive market research and the analysis is there is a good percentage of iPad buyers’ niche who has foregone their decision to purchase the device based on the unavailability of the Microsoft office support.

The sources claim that any delays in the launch will only risk their losing more potential customers to the competition in the tablet and smart phone options.

Ultimately, the users will be the final judge and jury of the success of the strategy. In the meantime, the challenge has been set and the official launch has been scheduled for a very recent date.

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    Dan Keller

    This is great news and I have been waiting for Microsoft to get up with the times. I will be getting this when it launches.

    1. Avatar

      Glad to hear that Dan!

  2. Avatar

    I think this is really a great news. I know there are alternative apps for microsoft office but it would still be more convenient if we don’t use alternatives…

    1. Avatar

      Although I have a Macbook Air, I’m so bound to using Office products and really can’t survive without them Stef!

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    Mhelgie Garcia-Victorio

    This is really a good news. For sure that despite of different downs that this apps will experience as long as people behind this will continuously do things to make it more improve, users will be more likely to support it.

  4. Avatar

    I need this now. I can’t wait. I don’t use a laptop, so my iPad is essential. Awesome!

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    Hi Jane,
    it’s really good news to have office package for ipad. it will make it nice to work from ipad. yes there will be slight changes but still it will be good….
    nice article and thanks Jane for sharing it…..

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    Well, this is a good news for iPad users. Finally, they can enjoy best Microsoft product on best tablet on the earth.

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    Jenny Brown

    This is a great news! Now I can use my ipad for working on my office documents. Can’t wait to have it …!

  8. Avatar

    I am crossing my fingers on microsoft collaborating with apple.

    1. Avatar

      Hey Tine, I don’t believe this will ever happen and its better for them to stay rivals so that we may keep getting good stuff from both the vendors.

      BTW this sounds really convenient to use MS Office on your ipad, this will definitely make the things lot easier.

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    Kaitlin Stoppel

    I would like to buy ZTE tablet but the problem is that was made in china,is that reliable?

  10. Avatar
    Jake Ruston

    I think it’s about time that Microsoft brought their office suite to the iPad! I’m an iPad user myself and an app like this will really help me (as well as the many others who need to create documents from their tablet).

    I wonder how much it’ll actually cost to buy.

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    Peter Smith

    I think this is really a great news. I know there are alternative apps for microsoft office but it would still be more convenient if we don’t use alternatives. BTW this sounds really convenient to use MS Office on your ipad, this will definitely make the things lot easier.

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    Michael Connor

    Microsoft must have packed it with all the necessary features. Great move by MS.

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    Jack Dent

    Recently published microsoft app ipad touch the new milestones in selling.

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