Keeping it Cool: 5 Most Popular Types of Refrigerators to Choose From

most popular types refrigerators

Furnishing your house or apartment requires making some big decisions about some large purchases. Going into the process with a good idea of what you are looking for will save you time.

More and more Indians are turning to rental solutions to meet their furnishing needs. Everything from finding a TV on rent, to motorcycles, sofas, laptops and seats are all available at a fraction of the price of purchasing the item from new.

For those looking for a refrigerator on rent, the first thing you need to determine is what type of refrigerator you want. Here is a breakdown of the five most popular types of refrigerators most homeowners and renters choose from.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top freezer refrigerators have been the mainstay of Indian kitchens for years. The practical design makes these fridges so popular, with a freezer in the top half and a fridge in the bottom, the dual function, compact design appeals to many buyers and renters. These fridges are often inexpensive, making them well-suited to those on a tight budget.

Bottom Mount Freezer

Like the top freezer, bottom mount fridge freezers have both a refrigerator and freezer function, however, in bottom mount freezers, the freezer section is on the bottom while the refrigerated section is on top.

Most models feature a pull-out chest freezer, around 30-36 inches wide. These designs typically have larger freezers, but their pull-out design means items on the bottom can easily become difficult to access.

Side by Side

As the name suggests, side by side fridge-freezers feature two adjacent doors, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. The benefit of this design is that both compartments are equally accessible.

The refrigerated section is typically given more space in these designs, however, the sleek and narrow shape of these fridges make them ideally suited for narrower kitchens and smaller spaces.

French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators feature a more modern design which has made them popular among younger homeowners living in modern, minimalistic apartments. The lower freezer looks the same as a bottom mount, however the upper section features two refrigerator doors side by side.

This allows the user to open one door at a time, minimalizing the cool air’s escape and making the refrigerator more efficient. These take up more space than side by side fridges, but also tends to offer more storage space. Some more modern designs also allow for double French door style freezers on the bottom, but these are often costlier.

Built-in Refrigerator Designs

The style of your built-in fridge will depend largely on the design of your kitchen. Many homeowners opt to put a built-in refrigerator into their renovation designs when they remodel their kitchen. Built-in refrigerators can be custom-built to match your cabinet designs, so your fridge has the appearance of a wooden cabinet from the exterior.

These five types of fridges are the most popular, however, your decision will largely be dependent on the space available and the size of the fridge and its swing space.

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