What Online Software Can Help Students Improve Their Academic Writing Skills

online software improve writing skills

Writing skills are a requirement in the academic world as well as the professional world. However, the intricacies of sentence structure, grammar, and essay planning can be complicated, to say the least. Luckily, there are plenty of online tools available to help students improve their writing skills.

Online Software for Helping Students

When students are being assigned essay after essay on books they’ve read and facts they’ve learned, it can be easy to forget that writing is a crucial skill. From business proposals to resumes and cover letters, having the know-how to present yourself in writing is crucial. Just like anything else you study, though, you can find tools and essay writing service online like https://essaypro.com/essay-help.html.

1. Evernote

From novels to notes, every writer depends on organization. For students looking for a little help keeping outlines, research, or ideas together; an app like Evernote can be extremely useful. It’s especially useful since it can be synced across computers.

2. Plagiarism Checker

Checking your written text for plagiarism is essential in order to confirm the originality of your written content. Luckily, there are website to check for plagiarism available online that can help you achieve this task easily.

3. Grammarly

One of the biggest things that can trip up students when writing is grammar rules. Many students struggle with topics such as when to use a semicolon or where a comma splice goes.

While spell check is useful, Grammarly does a much more in-depth review of a student’s work. It will highlight mistakes such as misspelled words, misplaced commas, missing articles, and even tips on genre-specific writing styles.

4. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is another software that can help students with common mistakes in their writing. This includes issues, such as:

  • Overuse of adverbs,
  • Overcomplicated word choice,
  • Use of passive voice, and;
  • Unnecessarily long or hard to read sentences

The app also has the handy feature of evaluating the reading level of a piece of written work.

5. One Look Reverse Dictionary

While it isn’t always a problem for shorter writing assignments, long essays can lead students to trip up by repeating the same words. When words are repeated monotonously, they lose their punch and you lose the audience’s attention.

One Look Reverse Dictionary is made to help with this exact problem. If a student has used a word frequently, they can use this tool as a more in-depth thesaurus that helps them find more specific or different words.

6. WriteToLearn and Twords

We mentioned before that a big part of learning to write well is studying. WriteToLearn is a software made to help students practice writing. It allows students to practice writing an essay and gives them immediate and detailed feedback to help them improve.

This feedback, of course, includes tips on grammar and spelling. In addition, it also provides tips on how to improve deeper pieces of an essay such as meaning.

Twords is a very similar app. It focuses not only on feedback but consistency as well. The app prompts users to write at least a little every day to improve their skills. If a user skips several days of writing, the app will remind them that they are missing valuable practice with their “accountability buddies.”

7. Cold Turkey

Just like any other subject, sometimes a reason for bad writing is a lack of paying attention. After all, it can be hard to focus: especially in the modern age. Why focus on your essay when social media sites are a click away or streaming services are at your disposal?

Cold Turkey allows a user to lock themselves out of websites while they are trying to write. For instance, if a student is determined to work on their final essay for an hour, they can lock their favorite websites for the time being so that they can’t be accessed as a distraction.


Learning to write well is a process, but it isn’t a process that students go unaided in. With the tools discussed here and some practice, any student can become an expert writer!

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