Stunning Personal Letterhead Examples and When to Use Them

Personal letterheads are somewhere between original approaches towards written communication and nostalgic forms of art. They manage to survive in the digital era and even have corresponding templates. Such a letterhead has slight changes to go unnoticed. It looks impressive, includes essential information about you and turns an informal paper into a remarkable document. Check out some personal letterhead examples that business people usually use, and you’ll understand why they’re still appreciated!

Personal letterheads may involve an additional effort, but they also come with advantages. Letterheads add credibility to your document. They provide it with a professional look and raise awareness about your personal brand. Regardless of the purpose you use them for, personal letterheads bring a touch of formality and branding to the document you are about to send.

Personal Letterhead Examples That Amaze Readers

We have compiled a list of personal letterhead examples to inspire you and provide you with ideas that turn your documents into visual stories. You may think that they come with a price and limited possibilities for personalization – they’re not. According to, personal letterheads are versatile and range from standard versions to specialized designs that suit your event or purpose. Letterheads also reveal your professional attention to details, paragraphing, grammar, and greeting and closure formulas.

Here are some of the simplest, and yet most beautiful personal letterhead examples for your inspiration!

1 Standard Personal Letterhead

You can use the standardized letterhead for just about any kind of document you send out. It has an elegant design which saves you space for contact details in the text of the letter. The standard letterhead works best if you have short announcements to make and don’t want your document to look to unbalanced.

2 Business Letterhead

The business letterhead has a design which connects a written document with the digital words. It has subtle 3D abstract models which integrate into the paper to give it more coherence. You can use it for both paper letters and documents attached to emails. The business letterhead example also gives you a chance to add a logo next to your name and become more recognizable.

3 Vintage Personal Letterhead

How about a vintage letterhead? You can use such a template for business purposes, if it fits to your branding concept. However, it works best for family communication. The vintage letterhead adds a magical touch to your document and helps you add some branding information – such as your own slogan or the motto of your event.

4 Specialized Personal Letterhead

The celebration personal letterhead template can cover any kind of family or informal event. You can invite your guests in an original manner by even posting out such a letter. The celebration template can work as an invitation, a thank you letter or even a personal announcement made in a spectacular manner.

5 Children Personal Letterhead

If you own a company for children, you have kids or want to communicate in a playful manner, there’s always the joyful and colored option. The kids’ personal letterhead template leaves you enough room for writing while saving you space for your name and personal or event slogan.

When to Use Personal Letterhead Examples

So, you’re an entrepreneur with a small company and an appealing website. You might also be a marketer who plans to approach clients and partners from a branding campaign or a contest in a unique way. You may even be just someone who wants to invite friends and family for an important event. Here’s how you can use personal letters – in paper or digital form:

Personal Purposes

  • Congratulations or thank you letters to friends, family and significant people from your life.
  • Correspondence initiatives.
  • Happy-news letters or appreciation letters for good deeds and life achievements.
  • Letters of introduction following communication etiquette guidelines.
  • Responses to an invitation or act of kindness.

Business Purposes

  • Marketing campaigns for a specific public.
  • Announcement letters for contest winners.
  • Advertising to would-be clients or prospects.
  • Notice letters to customers.
  • Confirmations for business partners and clients.

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Wrapping the Personal Letter Up

The personal or business letter work as watermarks which make your document stand out as unique. You can contribute to this feel and add an attractive design from the above. Personal letterhead examples are easy to use as they provide you with a template you only must build once.

In the digital age, we use paper letters for events which are too serious, traditional or personal to suit a standardized email. You can play with personal letter designs whether you are a business person or someone who wants to notify others about an event, news or confirmation. The letter makes your personal or business be outstanding and raise awareness. Using such a letter allows you to emphasize your logo or slogan and make them stand out in a specific document. Letters are personal and reliable. Choose a personal letterhead example and notice its results!

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