What Has Made Cartoon Network Games So Popular?


The answer speaks for itself really in that Cartoon Network has produced not only some of the most popular cartoons kids know today, but also the games to go with the shows. You can play games which include your favourite characters; new and classic. There are literally hundreds to choose from in every genre including action, adventure, sports, puzzles, and activity games.

As well as the number of games, and that they include the best cartoon characters; the variety is something to be proud of for Cartoon Network. There are games to suit just about everyone from the fan to the ultimate serious gamer. Cartoon Network games are so much
fun and allow players to be a part of the shows that they love so much.

You can share the games you really like with your friends and even give the game a rating after you’ve played it to give the next gamer who comes along an idea of what the game is right. This system is great as allows the new player to decide where to start first as well. All the games online are completely free so you can play as much as you like and try out each one before you decide if you really want to play it.

The fun never stops! You can choose to play one of the Ed, Edd, and Eddy games and enjoy the action whilst crashing go-carts in a demolition derby! This is just one of the games available and is called Cul-de-sac Smash.

There are also loads of classic cartoon and character games to play. Cartoon Network games go all out when it comes to variety and you could find yourself trying to find your way out of the Haunted Mansion as Scooby Doo! Or, try out Scooby Trap for size and help Scooby get away from the evil ghouls so he can get back to the gang! You can really get to know what it’s like to be Scooby in the Scooby Doo Attack of the Vampire Pumpkin Heads game. You will be chased by ghosts and ghouls and experience a Scooby mystery first-hand whilst trying to find out who that awful bad guy is.

How about Cartoon Network games for the Dexter’s Laboratory fans? Yes, they are available too. You can help Dexter on his way and build fences to stop his clone chickens from escaping.

The game is so much fun and frustratingly addictive! You can have hours of fun with Clone A Doodle Doo and there are so many more Dexter’s Laboratory games to choose from too.

These are just a couple of the great games available online from Cartoon Network. You can guarantee to find something that suits you and something that is related to your favourite show too! Benefit from a helping hand with all the character profiles you could need to help you along the way. There really is no wonder why gaming in this way is so popular with the possibilities at hand and available for free for everyone.

Lisa is a freelance writer based in Prestatyn who loves cartoon network games. She is a keen reader and enjoys swimming when not playing online games with Scooby Doo.

4 thoughts on “What Has Made Cartoon Network Games So Popular?”

  1. Never knew about the cartoon network games. This sounds so much of fun. I am a big fan of Dexter and I would love to play a Dexter game. Thanks for this great share.

  2. The best thing about cartoon games is you get to play around your favorite cartoon character and actually be in their world. Lovely share.

  3. I personally adore cartoon games, though I have fairly crossed the age of playing or watching cartoons. While playing the cartoon games, one gets the chance of stepping into the shoes of their favorite character, this makes the games all the more enticing. Thanks for this post.

  4. Cartoon Network is such a cool TV channel. I really loved watching it. But I’m not aware of those games; I think, I should start playing after a really long time.


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