RIM Bombs While Android And Apple Boom

“RIM launches its new BlackBerry”, “BlackBerry rates are slashed” – what is the rationale behind this latest news? To know the reason you must know about a recent statistics.

Do you know how much people use mobile phones in U.S? Are you saying every Tom, Dick and Harry? Well that’s true. Then let me shoot out the next question, how many of the mobile users use a smartphone? The answer is 1 out of every 3 mobile users. Startling eh? Yup, even I was startled on knowing this.

So much is the influence of technology. Well gone are the days when people thought BlackBerry as the best ever smartphone. Blackberry has got lot of rivals these days.

A recent research shows that in a period of 3 months (Feb – May), the sales and usage of smartphones were favorable to 2 companies on the other hand it was a misfortune to two other leading companies. The ubiquitous smartphone company RIM is on the flip side of profit and luck during past few months. Yeah the ruler has stepped down from its throne while its arch rivals Apple and Android have easily stepped up.

As of now, Android is the most preferred and loved platform for smartphone users. Thanks to the Google+ and other Android specific Apps. While Microsoft’s Windows Mobile is getting old and Palm hasn’t produced any new smartphones in the recent times their fall is acceptable but RIM that had high profit rates for years together now had a dramatic fall of about 9.6%  (in profit rate) in the past few months.

While RIM company senior officials claim that this loss is due to the lack of focus by the company their rivals allege that the fall of the BlackBerry Empire is due to “RIM’s developer friendly approach of Apps than user friendliness”.

RIM counter attacks by saying “Android to be too complicated to work with”. However RIM accepts Apple is nailing some good sales strategies.

While RIM themselves accept that the smartphones should be user-centric then why are certain apps and games in BlackBerry is too vague (asks the rivals)?

Albeit RIM has bombed in the last few months, the employees and developers of RIM are desperately confident that they will surely come back with a boom and will capture the throne. They claim this to be an occasion to fabricate an “uniquely BlackBerry” with QNX platform.

Now you would have known the reason behind RMI’s new version of BlackBerry and the slashing of prices. Yeah, this is their new strategy. Finally we can understand one concept; competitive disadvantage is prevailing in all fields especially in technological field, to survive in this cutthroat souk one has to keep developing new products that are visibly better than the existing ones in the market.

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  1. Well, there are not any news about blackberry from the famous technology blogs like techcrunch, thenextweb. The only news currently is negative mentioning that RIM employee don’t feel confidence with the company. I guess, RIM can hardly compare with those two smartphone giants, Android and iPhone. Comscore shows that RIM is the third in the smartphone market share. I do worry what’s going on for blackberry.


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