Smartphone Security: How Secure Is Your Smartphone?

Smartphone Security

Smartphone security has become a questionable issue these days. With the increased usage of smartphones and high end phones increased data transfer activities are happening all over the time.

While users enjoy on one side with emails, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections, SMS and MMS malicious activities may happen on the background that gives trouble to you and your personal aid – smartphone.

As desktops and laptops are protected with anti-virus and firewall software, a smartphone also should be protected from harmful viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware.

Smartphone security: Virus in smartphone

If your mobile phone is not protected from malicious apps, the entire data and sensitive information that you have preserved over the years will be in jeopardy. If your smartphone exhibits strange behavior like taking too long time to open applications, if the battery is consumed in no time and a particular function on your phone is disabled, it is time to redress your phone immediately.

A smartphone infected with virus will spread the syndrome to other devices with which it comes in contact. Infected files may spread infection to other mobile users by sending those files to the contacts automatically.

You may observe that infected smartphone may send mass messages without your intervention and it may calls contacts automatically where you will end up paying heavy bills every month.

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The virus may also spread from computer and other electronic gadgets when your smartphone is connected to them. As prevention is better than cure, preventive measures should be taken right from the first usage of your smartphone.

Smartphone security software

Before loading mobile security software into your smartphone, it is advisable to understand the capabilities that you should expect from the antivirus software. You should find out the software compatibility like what versions of mobile OS it will support and what brands and models the software can support. If there are compatibility issues, it will be loss of money, effort and time.

The software should be light weight i.e., it should not consume the whole memory in which case you will not be able to work with the applications present in your smartphone. It will affect your surfing experience as well.

The smartphone security software should be user-friendly and it should load fast. Navigational features should be comfortable to users and should be able to use the software with limited steps.

It should have all the essential features to catch, thwart and eliminate all kinds of intrusions in to your mobile space. The software should be able to repel all harmful attacks and forceful intrusions which happen through various means. Security software should be easy to install and uninstall.

You should be able to update and upgrade the software as periodic intervals. The company which offers mobile security software should have a dedicated customer support team which should be available on round the clock basis.

You should be able to reach customer support through telephone or email or chat means. Advanced security software offers the ability to track your lost mobile, delete applications and wipe out data present on your mobile.

Also do keep in mind that smartphone privacy and security are somewhat related issues. You put one in open, the other will be in jeopardy.

Are you smart enough to protect your smartphone? Do you take enough measures to ensure your smartphone security?

12 thoughts on “Smartphone Security: How Secure Is Your Smartphone?”

  1. Recently got myself my first smart phone. So I’m still a long way off from being savvy enough to protect it. Thanks for the advice. I’ll get to work on safegaurding my phone.

  2. Great Article. Smartphones are vulnerable to virus just as a computer is. The application market has plenty of applications. It’s good to read the review before downloading them. Android marketplace has got a strict monitoring of applications hosted there to avoid any kind of malware applications.

  3. My brother used to have a smart phone before but not really sure what happened to it because for about few months only, it’s no longer working now. Anyway, back to our discussion, it is really important for us to secure our smartphone. Since these are simply just like our desktops and laptops, we should also give extra care to these. There are lots of programs that we can make use of in order to protect our smartphones.

  4. Nice writing. Smartphone are not that secured as depicted by the vendors. Its prone to more malicious attacks. It is vital we users always on the alert what’s happening on our smartphone.

  5. If you’re an Android users, you can download a Norton Mobile Anti Virus. There’s been a lot of Malware attacks with Android phones lately and one effective way in order not to get this malicious files is by installing this anti virus. It may not completely eradicate the possibility of getting this Malware but it works wonderfully. I think the rest depends on the user’s responsibility to secure their smartphones.

  6. Hi, yesterday i buy one new hTc smartphone. Everyone should want to this kind of stuff also me. We have to protect our smartphones. Smartphones plays vital role in leading technology. So we need to know all the hidden things on smartphones. Here we get more information we have see once. Thanks to share this informative post.

  7. I have to check my phone bill very well because my kids have downloaded several applications in my smartphone recently. If some viruses can call contacts and send mass messages without my knowledge, I might be in big trouble.

  8. I always try ensure my smartphone’s security but its really a fact that how secure is my smartphone, thanks Jane 🙂


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