Sony Playstation 4 Pro Review

Sony Playstation 4 Pro Review

The new Sony PlayStation Pro 4 has already made its name in the market of the video gaming console.

Technology has come a long way since the first computer, be it in hardware or software.

To make a general statement, we always ask for the latest gadgets, the latest computer games or the latest application on our cellphones.

The new PS Pro was released on 10 November this year in the United States and is compatible with all the applications, games and other PS4 accessories in the market.

  • The model boasts of being the fastest and most powerful gaming console with amazing features as –
  • Remarkable graphics and lifelike details which makes the game world seem much more attractive and fun due to double the GPU power than the standard PS4.
  • Faster frame rates ensure that the action is smoother, faster and crystal clear making your game a success.
  • Compatible with every PS4 game with an online gaming community.
  • 4K streaming and 4K upscaling for realistic textures, warmer skin tones and environments that come alive on screen.

1. Hardware

Sony Playstation 4 Pro-hardware

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01LOP8EZC” locale=”US” tag=”slicwell-20″]The Sony PS Pro 4[/easyazon_link] can be described as gigantic compared to the original PS model with the same black plastic case.

It looks similar to Xbox One Monster, sloping backwards with three tiers as compared to the two tiers of the earlier PS4.

It has thin, mechanical buttons as compared to the original PS with touch buttons, contrasting with the otherwise slim model’s compact nubs.

There are two USB 3.0 ports on the front with an extra one in the rear, useful for connecting the PSVR neatly.

There is also a standard port connection along the HDMI port, with an aux output from the PS camera, an optical audio port and an Ethernet jack.

The interiors are even more exciting – eight-core CPU; a 4.2 teraflop AMD Polaris GPU; a 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB of RAM. For extra downloading and uploading capabilities, it also has an 802.1 lac 5 GHz Wi-Fi radio.

2. Salient features

One of the chief attractions about the Sony PS Pro 4 is its 4K graphics, for which you need an ‘ultra-high definition’ television which can be quite expensive, especially when with terms like high dynamic range, low input lag and a full bandwidth RGB.

However, it is a difficult question to answer if we are asking whether a 4K television is worth the gaming console.

New games with PS4 Pro support don’t cost you any extra, and the older games add support gratis, with some innovations in the inputs and shifts in the software design by changes in the system architecture.

The PS Pro 4 also comes with an HDR, or high dynamic range. This allows games to display vibrant gradations between an image’s brightest and darkest colors with an increased color depth.

HDR works on PS4S; if your television supports it, you can have just an amazing experience playing games with the lifelike radiance of HDR without any cost.

The Ps4 will also launch Netflix and a YouTube app with 4K and HDR compatibility, along with an improved bandwidth for Remote Play and Share Play options at 1080 pixels.

The PlayStation’s VR headset supports neither 4K nor high dynamic range; since this also requires you to connect your HDMI cables to the discrete junction box, the ability of the PS4 Pro to display HDR in your non-VR games would be hampered.

The Pro also uses some other common elements such as anti-aliasing, checkboard rendering and geometry rendering, which means that the games have horizontal resolutions such as 1728p, 1800 or 1952p which later upscale to 2160p as needed with graphical sharpness and frame rate.

3. The technical flaws

One of the biggest problems faced with the PS Pro 4 is deduce the actual meaning of 4K; there is a disclaimer on the Sony PS 4 Pro site which says that the console offers ‘dynamic 4K’ which is described by a footnote, “Dynamic 4K gaming outputted by graphic rendering or upscaled to 4K resolution”, whereas The Last Of Us: Remastered says that the latest version offers ‘PS Pro 4 support’ which Shaw of Mordor states. ‘4K support’.

One of the most surprising omissions is that of a 4K Blu-ray drive. Though Sony says this to focus more on the 4K/HDR element, but it’s difficult why it chose to exclude a Blu-ray drive as it is one of the main backers of the format.

4. Performance

Sony Playstation 4 Pro

There have been mixed reviews on this one, for the results varied from game to game as tried by different users of the PS Pro 4.

a) The Last Of Us: Remastered, which is one of the first titles upgraded for the gaming console.

Fair improvements in image quality, but no difference in frame rate or performance

Almost everyone is impressed by the high contrast, great color definition, brighter highlights and deeper blacks thanks to the HDR

b) Ratchet and Clank

For 1080p and 4K televisions, the images now got smoother and more realistic with upscaled visuals

c) Shadow of Mordor

Improved frame rates and visuals on PS Pro 4

d) Battle zone (PSVR)

Slight improvements in frame rate and visuals

Text was clearer in the PS Pro version

e) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Clear improvements in texture, sharpness and performance

You can either turn the frame rate up at 1080p for a smoother experience, or increase the resolution up to 4K at 30 frames per second, with high-end visual rendering.

5. The competitive world

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01LOP8EZC” locale=”US” tag=”slicwell-20″]The PS Pro 4[/easyazon_link] is surrounded by a number of competitors, one of being its earlier model Playstation 4. The Pro 4 is only $100 more than the PS 4 Slim, but you should pay a bit for a better console that will last you a long time.

Sony has also enabled HDR on all PlayStation 4 models, so that it is not unique to the Pro. However, the real competition is with Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio, which will be launched next year.

This is even more powerful than PS 4 Pro with a 6-teraflop GPU which would the 4K business even easier.

However, Sony has done what nobody has ever attempted anything a mid-cycle console with twice the original unit’s power with a forward-backward compatibility, and the difficulty to accuse of any meaningful visual differences the boxes which makes it a good option all the same.

So, should you buy a PS Pro 4? Well, the decision is yours. Some say that this is good for people who want to show off their new 4K/HDR sets and those who are hardcore gamers.

One might obsess over the resolution graphics, but it would be wiser to wait till the PS Pro 4 shows its compatibility with games and sorts out its 4K media strategy.

If you have an older PS model, stick with that with the fantastic option of Microsoft Xbox console, also known as Scorpio to light up the gaming industry next year.

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