8 Tips To Speed Up Your Laptop

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I am sure that you are not the only one feeling so irritated about your slow running laptop. I was in the list to and at times I used to think that my laptop is getting old and I need to buy a new one (possibly an excuse to treat myself with a new laptop).

I was so frustrated until I came up with these tips and found them to be working. I share them here so it might help you too!

Uninstall unused programs:

Not everyone is different in the aspect of downloading and installing the so called cool softwares as they come across. But as time goes on one gets bored and uninterested in that software and seldom uses them.

Now the software just sits there in your hard drive consuming space and not at all used. Do a diagnosis every fortnight and uninstall those unused softwares/programs. Remember, deleting them from the folder is not equal to uninstalling them.

Get rid of temporary internet files:

They are the so-called “temporary” ones that dwells in your hard drive for a time that is sufficient enough to be called “not temporary”. Well every timeyou browse or open a file online, a copy is saved in your hard drive. Delete them, preferably immediately after you end up a browsing session. This can be arranged to be automatic in most of the browsers.

The recycle bin:

This is a place most people are very forgetful about. Once they delete the files from the folders they think that the job is over, but it is not so. As long as the files are in the recycle bin, they still consume space in your hard drive and make your laptop run very slowly.

Good virus protection:

Get a good and genuine antivirus program on your laptop and run scans on a regular basis. You can preferably choose to run it daily by scheduling automatic scans. There are viruses that run bulk programs in the background; some create dummy cache files that consume gigs of your hard drive space.

Defragment your drives:

This is a diplomatic option that keeps your files organized in a way that your laptop could function to its full efficiency. You don’t need to be a tech expert to do this.

There is an option readily available in the laptops. Defragmeting will organize your files neatly in a most effective way, otherwise by default your laptop just breaks your files into pieces and scatters them all over.

Registry cleaning:

Keep your registry clean by running a registry cleaner software regularly. Sometimes the registry becomes unclean due to installation of buggy programs. While such programs are uninstalled, they leave their ugly signatures in the registry. Cleaning them is a must.

Mind the temperature:

Some people won’t believe it, but a laptop running in a cooler environment is faster than the one running at a hotter place.

Upgrade your RAM ….. finally:

This should be your last but one option… if none of the above works actually. This option is necessary to consider if your working style involves opening many programs at the same time.

And what is the last option? Don’t think, get a new laptop and get rid of your present one.

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  1. Hi Jane,
    These are a great set of tips to boost the speed of the laptop. I didn’t know about the registry cleaning. I will definitely employ this software. Thanks for the great advice.


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