Squarespace: Mobile Blogging For Android Phones


Squarespace, a popular blog and hosting site sells a software publishing platform and file server services to business and individuals which provides the users with tools and assist them in creating and maintaining well-designed websites, this site powers at least tens of thousands websites with billions of monthly hits. This is not a free service; the charge starts with $12 for a month.

Developed by Anthony Casalena, an alumnus of University of Maryland, the developing phase of the squarespace software started in November 2002. There were six versions of this software from then which encompassed native mobile versions of all the square space sites that worked well on all mobile devices. By November 3, 2009, the iPhone application of squarespace was launched which allowed customers to post and manage content within squarespace-hosted websites.

Squarespace had a fabulous iOS app for sometime which allowed users to post and edit blog entries, upload pictures on the fly, save drafts, preview the updates and access the site statistics. For power users multiple accounts are managed all at once which allows the user to switch quickly back and forth between them. This left Android users very jealous. Recently the squarespace for Android was launched which is available immediate for download.

Squarespace for Android adds up a great functionality to the mobile device which allows the user to manage the blog on-the-go. It also has a custom interface which includes features such as,

Posting using Squarespace

New blog posts are created quickly with all the tags categories that already exist. Posting a picture is made easy as there is a camera pane underneath the default preview where the user has an option to take a new photo or upload it from the library. But a text has to be inserted along with the photo. Granular control can be found out in the settings pane beneath the main posting window.

Content Management using Squarespace

All the blog posts can be viewed right from the app. They can also be edited, deleted, saved to drafts and pre viewed with ease. There is an option to receive to push notifications for the new comments and also for those awaiting moderation. New comments can be approved, marked as spam or a reply can be made.

Multiple Account Management

The user has an account setting which allows them to switch back to another site and schedule a post later in the day.

Real time statistics in squarespace

The main reason why many users like squarespace app is because of its statistics view, it allows users for unique visits, page views, top referrers, RSS subscribers and popular search terms. The referrers and search allows the user to view what Google queries led someone to find the site. Also handy information whether the site is gaining or losing people is updated.

Moreover, it allows the user to view the whole live pre view of the entire site and posts rather than single posts.

Squarespace makes sure that the user’s site get updated with an ease.

It’s great to see a dedicated Android application that is finally released.

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  1. Hi Jane, I didn’t realize this was your blog. Squarespace sounds like a nice choice for those that want to get into blogging without the typical setup effort. I took a look at some of the example sites and I couldn’t see any difference from a WordPress blog with a premium theme. I couldn’t find what platform they are running on Squarespace.

    I’m wondering why you didn’t link to their site when they have an affiliate program. Just curious.

  2. Mobile blogging has been popular nowadays since mobile phones are pretty much handy compared to other gadgets like laptops. Another advantage is thru mobile blogging, a blogger can easily publish a content as soon as he thought about the topic so no more chance of missing your momentum.

  3. As most of the people use mobile to access website so I would say to developers and site builder to make websites which are compatible with mobile and computer both.


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