How Technology Can Be Key to Employee Wellbeing

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When you own a business and start hiring employees, you need to keep an eye on how they are feeling and acting when you are all in the same office space. You need to equip them with the best tools of the trade to ensure that they get support throughout their time at work. Whilst you might get the most out of your employees’ schedules with the best technology, remember that you also need to think about their wellbeing. Instead of just assuming that they are okay, you can use technology to keep an eye on them and address any issues that turn up. Here are some examples of how your technology can help you look after your employee’s wellbeing.

Activity technology

One of the main problems that come with working in an office is inactivity. To hit deadlines, employees may decide to stay at their desks for the entirety of the day. This is not healthy and may even lead to your employees getting repetitive strain injuries or an unhealthy amount of weight gain.  That’s why you may want to consider asking your staff to wear activity tech to monitor how much they have been moving around in the day. They can then make the adjustments that they need in order to live a healthier lifestyle. This includes moving around the office or even walking/cycling to and from work instead of just using public transport.

Public transport is going to become less safe thanks to Covid-19. Encouraging your employees to cycle to work can really help them.

Scheduling technology

Scheduling websites like Monday can have an impact on the type of work you give to each person. You can keep updated on their progress and whether or not they need any help. Knowing that employees have people watching their progress and willing to help out if need be will be a positive boost. After all, you are willing to put in the care to check up on them and ask if they need help. It will also keep an eye on whether or not you are giving them too many tasks.  If you want to add to this assistance, you could also schedule in an employee assistance programme from LifeWorks!

Meditation and wellbeing apps

You may also want to consider dedicating a few times a day to making sure that your employees are able to relax. This could mean asking your workers to download mindfulness apps, like Headspace, to take a few minutes to themselves to meditate or enjoy yoga. These sorts of apps can help rid your workers of stress and any sort of worries they may have about approaching deadlines. It can also help them feel more awake and active during the day.

Office social media

Whilst you shouldn’t be actively encouraging your workers to go on social media during work hours, if you want to keep your employees happy and sociable, you may want to download a social chat application like Slack. That way your employees can speak to each other privately or talk to each other about work issues. They will also be able to send each other documents and keep track of conversations.

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