5 Tips on Scoring Cheap Mobile Plans

cheap mobile plans

Finding a cheap mobile phone plan is now a necessity more than ever. With rising cost of living there is no point in getting held down by expensive mobile charges. There is no indication that these charges are about to go down and the best way to go about your mobile plans is by getting something within your budget. Luckily, data charges have largely gone down, and most carrier networks are sustaining their price models by offering more expensive phones and capitalizing on roaming charges. However, this presents an opportunity to find smart ways of reducing your overall charges and here’s how. 

Finding the Right Carrier for Cheap Mobile Plans

The first avenue where you can find cheap mobile plans is by finding the right carrier. Carrier networks vary in size, revenue, technological advancement, and network coverage. Larger networks tend to have better network coverage, and this helps them to negotiate with smaller carriers on sharing their network areas. However, some smaller networks may have better technology and offer cheaper data offerings since they can specialize in certain areas such as Wi-Fi dongles and public Wi-Fi. 

When picking a carrier, chose one that has a long standing reputation of not shifting premium payments. 

Do Intensive Research on Available Mobile Plans

There are three basic plans to choose from and these are prepaid plan, unlimited plans and sim-only plans. The prepaid plan is your best bet if you want something flexible and you can pay monthly. You can add more resources in the course of your usage, and this is why mobile prepaid plans are considered dual plans since they can also be sim-only where the plan doesn’t come with a mobile phone, or pay as you go, where you can simply pay for the resources you purchase. 

Unlimited plans are a good option if you need a service that is consistent and you don’t need to worry about resources getting exhausted. The size of data, text and minute bundles on unlimited plans are much higher since users tend to consume more but at lower tariffs. However, the contract for unlimited plans includes a phone and therefore the monthly payments are higher. Carrier networks prefer unlimited plans since they can tie you down for several years and that’s why getting on unlimited plans require a more financially stable user.

Choosing the Right Tariff

Another avenue for working within your budget is by subscribing to cheaper tariffs. Irrespective of whichever mobile phone plan you are on, you have access to tariffs which you can subscribe to at an added fee. The tariffs lower your call rates once you buy bundled resources for use within certain time frames. Tariffs usually expire within the stipulated time and you go back to your usual mobile phone plan usage. Mobile Plans Australia offers a wide variety of tariffs due to the diversity of callers in the country. 

Making the Most of Unlimited Mobile Phone Plans

On the other hand, unlimited phone plans offer much more since you get a mobile phone and unlimited calls and texting. It is a great option for entrepreneurs and people who rely heavily on normal calls and texting. The primary advantage of unlimited plans is that you don’t need to purchase resources before using them and this is great for emergencies. Under the prepaid option, you must have the necessary resources unless you are calling and emergency caller service. However, the unlimited mobile phone plan is price restrictive, and you must show that you are capable of making the payments or else your phone may be repossessed.

Travel Friendly Mobile Phone Plans

If you are constant traveler, you might need to consider a different option and the sim-only plan seems to be the best plan in this case. The sim-only plan works best in places like Australia and if you search for mobile phone plans Australia, then you can get variably different results as compared to other countries. Australia has several carrier companies, and they all prioritize Sim-only plans as this is the best option to deal with high roaming charges. 


Basically, finding the right fit for your mobile usage relies heavily on conducting research on the mobile phone plans available. Overall, you should understand your usage before signing any mobile phone contract. 

Also ensure the mobile phone plan you choose has a great customer service. You might need to be in constant touch with your service provider if you are in a new area or if you cross roaming zones. A good carrier should be able to respond to your needs and even offer emergency resources before you get stable. Overall, when getting new phone, try doing a background check on how different mobile phone plans change once the promotions and discounts expire. Don’t be blinded by the glitzy marketing and advertising as these are designed to keep you focused on the wrong things.

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