Top Applications That Made The Year 2011

Top Applications That Made The Year 2011

Many new applications are introduced in the year 2011 that made life easy. Some applications have entertainment proportion and some are helpful to increase the productivity. Let us check applications which top the list for the year 2011.


Evernote’ is a useful application to take notes. It is useful for students, business executives and also for frequent travelers. It is a handy application to list out items before shopping. Bloggers can note down their thoughts and reflections through various devices like Smartphone, tablet and laptop. The best part with Evernote is that the product is being enhanced at frequent intervals to make the application a handy tool for various segments of customers and for various occasions through various devices.


Another great application that really made life easy is ‘Dropbox’. Using Dropbox you can store and share information on a cloud based technology. Dropbox will certainly improve the productivity if the product is utilized to its full potential. The good news is that Dropbox is available across various platforms including PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile phones.

Once you save a file in Dropbox folder (in a folder dedicated for Dropbox in your computer), within few minutes the data will be available across various computers, mobile phones (Android based) and on iOS enabled devices. At beginners’ level, the service is offered free of cost.


If you are fully occupied with various kinds of works and find it hard to sneak through the latest news and you are still interested to follow them later, ‘Instapaper’ is handy aid for you. Using Instapaper you can save the contents of a page instantaneously and you can go through that content later when you are able to manage time. It is an ideal application for iPad and iPhone.


An application called ‘Pulse’ can be used to store your favorite websites in a colorful spree. You can save the stories you want to read later. With a single tap on the top of the news story, you can read the text. With a double tap on the top of the website, you will be taken to the screen where you can share the news through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another interesting aspect is that Pulse can be made in sync with Instapaper. Pulse is an ideal application for iPad/iPhone, Androids and Kindle Fire.


Sparrow helps Mac users to manage emails in an effortless manner. It has got all the capabilities of web based Gmail application. You can even search mails based on a keyword. It is a light weight application so that loading of the application will be very fast.

Sparrow helps you become more productive in your job. It has other great features and you can also customize the application as per your requirements.


Using CloudApp, you can share screenshots in a Mac based computer. You can upload not only screenshots but also any file like data, audio, video, etc.


Fantastical helps you create and manage calendars in a better way and you can also integrate with other popular products like Google Calendar and Yahoo! Calendar and iCloud.


iDoneThis is a useful application to mark those tasks that are accomplished by you.


TeuxDeux is a ‘To Do’ application. It is available free of cost for browser and at a nominal price for iPhone.

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  1. Among these apps, I find evernote as the most reliable one. I’ve been using it since last year. I really like how I could handle lots of things using this application. Highly recommended to everybody!


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