Top 4 Industries That Couldn’t Function Without the Help of Technology


At this moment, we’re living in the most technologically advanced time period ever, and we keep advancing each day. Many of us can’t function without the help of our technological devices, and many industries are the same way. Technology has helped us achieve things that many would not have even thought be possible; some of these things would be hard to live without today. Here are four industries that are driven by technology and would be drastically different without it.

#1: The Healthcare Industry

The field of healthcare has seen numerous advancements over the last several decades, from advancements in medicine to advancements in the way doctors and nurses care for their patients. 

Personalized Treatment

Any physician would tell you that no two patients are the same, and because of that, advancements in personalized treatment have really made an impact in the healthcare industry. Wearable technology that monitors health is one of the latest advancements in health. Personalized treatment takes into consideration what motivates the patient, in addition to their own personal health. This makes good health more achievable and manageable.

Electronic Records

Gone are the days of physically writing down and filing away patient information. This process was long, drawn-out, and extremely time-consuming. The ability to store patient information online has proven to be much more efficient.

Virtual Healthcare

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was virtual healthcare. Now, more than ever has this method made it easier for patients, doctors, and entire clinics to be able to communicate. 

#2: The Finance Industry

There was a time where everything bought had to be paid for with cash or coins. Soon, checks were being accepted everywhere. After that, credit cards became widely available. Even in recent years, we have seen changes in the way we use credit cards and we’ve also seen checks being phased out. There are also numerous ways in which we can bank and pay online.

FinTech, or financial technology, is the actual term for the combination of finance and technology. FinTech encompasses mobile banking and payments, and even cryptocurrency and blockchain. Just like with cash and checks becoming more and more obsolete, the same may happen with credit cards and bank cards, with finances operating 100% online.

#3: The Manufacturing Industry

This is one of the biggest industries where technology and AI (artificial intelligence) have replaced human labor. Right now, there are over one million robots on production lines all over the world. Many people believe that manufacturing jobs for humans will cease to exist, but several others believe that this will only create new jobs for humans.

How these technologies are changing the manufacturing industry:

  • Increases visibility
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Improves customer service and engagement

Also, the invention of 3D printing has proven to be very helpful in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can now “print” parts easily without having to wait for parts to be made and shipped.

#4: The Automotive Industry

Cars have come a long way since Henry Ford’s Model T in the early 1900s. Even the way we buy cars and purchase car insurance has drastically changed in the last several years. Cars today are becoming increasingly equipped with new technologies, even more than a decade ago! With features such as backup cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, and many more, technology definitely has a place in the automotive industry.

Another interesting development in the automotive industry is that of rideshare services. Companies like Uber and Lyft have almost completely eliminated the need for traditional taxi services. Many car companies are creating “driverless cars”, eliminating the need for human drivers altogether.


Technology is steadily advancing and helping out virtually every industry in the world today. However, there are some industries and even civilizations that function well without the help of modern technology. But with technology becoming more and more globalized as time goes on, there may not be a single part of the world that doesn’t use some form of modern technology.

Cover Image by 3mikey5000 from Pixabay

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