Track your kid’s location using Kizon from LG

Track your kid’s location using Kizon from LG

Want to know where your child goes after leaving the house so that you can keep a track of his activities? Well, here is a gadget which will help you to do just that. A child tracker from premier electronics manufacturer LG has entered the European market. This tracking device is wearable and helps you to remotely track your child.

The device has been named Kizon by the South Korean company and has been in use in its birthplace for quite some time now. Now, this simple yet effective device is ready to enter the European market. The device is like a colorful wrist band which your child can strap on and inside the device there is a GPS enabled 2G SIM-card which can track each and every movement of your little one. Parents can use their smartphones to request the exact location from Kizon via an app on their phones and it will show the place on a map on the smartphone.

Kizon also has a phone button on it in the form of a big hard-button and children can use this call button to ring up their parents. Once the connection has been established and the call is in progress, the child will be able to hear his/her parent speak with the help of the speakers on the device and will be able to respond by speaking to the device.

This tracking device has a location reminder feature and is powered by a battery which lasts for around 36 hours. The device will be launched in Poland this week and in other European countries in the days to come.

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