Twitter Introduces Mute Button: You can now mute annoying tweeters

Twitter Introduces Mute Button: You can now mute annoying tweeters

Finally, Twitter has rolled out the “mute” feature where you can mute a particular user. The feature is introduced on the website and also on the Android and iOS apps.

Muting is less aggressive compared to completely blocking a user. With mute, you can simply turn off an tweets from that particular user, without that user knowing this. This is a one-way feature – the user who you muted will still be able to retweet, reply to and favorite your tweets.

When you mute a user you simply won’t see their tweets on your feed. If you have enabled push notifications or sms notifications in your phone, you won’t receive them for tweets by muted users. But their mentions

In order to access this feature you can click on the “More” link on any tweet and then click mute @username. You can also do this from the user’s profile page by clicking on the Settings gear and then mute @username. Either way, its just a couple of clicks.

Luckily, Twitter won’t let the user know that you’ve muted them. And, you can unmute a user any time; muting a user is reversible.

Muting feature lets you gain control of curating your Twitter home feed. There have been times where I’d just turn off push notifications on my phone because of a few annoying users – I couldn’t help missing notifications from my favorite users!

Now I can mute the annoying ones and can still have the push notifications in my phone ON!

Tweetbot has been offering this feature before. With Tweetbot you can not only mute users, but also can mute (annoying) hastags or keywords. This is great in my opinion to stay away from annoying chat groups. If Twitter can introduce that too, it’ll be great.

As you read this post, if you check on your Twitter account, you might not be able to see this feature. It’s OK! The feature is being rolled out over the coming weeks and soon everyone will have the power of muting!

3 thoughts on “Twitter Introduces Mute Button: You can now mute annoying tweeters”

  1. Hi Jane,

    In the earlier days Twitter users were facing lot of problem due to some annoying people.
    After this new mute button option it’s easy to get rid of such users.
    We don’t want to bear the people who regularly irritate us.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Well, this one will prove to be a very useful feature for most of the twitter users. I must admit that most of us face that overly aggressive Tweeter each day. Personally, many users, whom I follow on Twitter, are like robots. I mean, they fill up my timeline by using automating their tweets, which effectively looks like robotic text, always in the same format. I mean, it is kind of spam! 🙂

    This is when such a feature comes handy. I can now ‘mute’ someone, without blocking him entirely. And the other person won’t even know that! 🙂 Thanks for the update!

    I found the link to it on Kingged.


  3. I really appreciate for this one act of twitter, this way we will be more easily sort out the things that we think are important or not important without having to “hurt” the hearts of the followers by unfollow them.
    great idea!!


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