8 Valentine Day Cards for Expressing 8 Days of Love in Valentine Week

Valentine day is the celebration of love and occurs on 14th Feb every year. However, do you know that an entire week before the Valentine’s day has its own significance. In this post, we have prepared 8 different valentine days’ cards for expressing love on all the 8 days recognized in the Valentine week. Get to know the names of these valentine days listed below along with a unique greeting card that you can send to your significant other, better half or to your would-be lover.

Starting from 7th Feb which is known as Rose day to 14th Feb which is the Valentine day, we have prepared a unique card for each occasion. You can download these greeting images for free and send it via social networks, messenger or chat applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc. or via e-mail. You may even print them and use as a greeting card. To make your valentine week extra special, try getting your memories captured in one of these Valentine Day couple poses.

Cards for Valentine Week

Here is a complete list of each of the days in Valentine week along with their name and a romantic card that you can send for the occasion.

Rose Day, (7 February)

Rose Day

Propose Day, (8 February)

Propose Day

Chocolate Day, (9 February)

Chocolate Day

Teddy Day, (10 February)

Teddy Day

Promise Day, (11 February)

Promise Day

Hug Day, (12 February)

Hug Day

Kiss Day, (13 February)

Kiss Day

Valentine’s Day, (14 February)

Valentine Day

Valentine Week Video Card

Find below a video card with list of days in Valentine week along with a romantic music.

Throwing a Valentine day party? We have got you covered there too. Find these free party flyer templates that works well for inviting friends to your bash.

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  1. Valentine’s Day is a synonym of love and romance. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in American and European countries with lots of enthusiasm and nowadays it is becoming more and more popular among all over the world.


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