5 Secrets for a Successful Video Marketing

video marketing secrets

Video marketing is one of the most effective parts of digital marketing strategies. As a business, if you’re not using videos as part of your digital marketing campaign, you’re surely missing something BIG. Creating videos and adding catchy content into them is the most effective strategy to reach your prospective audience.

But here the question is – how to keep your viewers engaged? What should you do to make your videos viral so viewers take actions? You need innovative video marketing ideas to be in the race and make a mark of your brand globally. For amazing and result-driven tips, you can browse websites like Tech Buzz Online (TBO) and get the latest video marketing updates and create inspiring, compelling, and actionable videos for your business.

This post talks about the top secrets for a successful video marketing strategy. These tips can be helpful if you’re planning to create your own video content.

Let’s explore top secrets for super-successful video marketing:

Secret 1: Videos must be Relevant, Original and Transparent

While creating an appropriate marketing video, you need to make sure that it is relevant to your business. Another thing you need to ensure that you are completely clear and authentic. Focus on the goals you want to hit via your videos. If you’re selling a service or product, be clear and transparent about it.

Secret 2: Focus on a Story, Not Sales

The most common mistake that most marketers make is – create videos all about promoting and selling a service rather than sharing a genuine story. The videos you are uploading should depict a story that is focused on your brand journey, not about generating sales. If the motive of your videos is just selling, you’re surely losing the interest of your audience in your brand. Create an entertaining story aligned with your business, make a video, and be on the right track always.

Secret 3: Create Concise, Short and High-quality Videos

create high quality videos

Studies state that the ideal length of your brand video should be 1 minute. If you want your consumers to watch your video, you need to focus on making an engaging and informative video. Get them hooked from the time they start watching your video. Keep it in your mind that you do not have much time to get your customers on board.

According to video marketing stats, one-fifth of your audience click away from a video within or less than 10 seconds. That’s why the first 10 seconds of your video must be attractive and compelling. Making short and concise videos is the best deal. Although you’ve created a short video, to get optimum results you need to ensure that it is of high-quality. Give clarity in the opening seconds and make your viewers realize that they are going to watch something really informative.

Secret 4: Make Use of Subtitles

You might be aware of this fact that at the present time maximum videos are watched without sound on varying social media platforms. In fact, searches represent that around 85% of viewers are viewing videos without sound on different social media platforms like Facebook and more. Now, the question is how would your audience get to know what your video is all about. Think according to the perspective of your viewers and ask yourself how would you understand what your video is talking about if watched on mute.

The best way to avoid this problem is to make use of subtitles. By adding subtitles to your videos, you can make them understandable and engaging even without sound. There are several ways to do so. You can do this by adding texts descriptions, clear to understand visuals and animations.

Secret 5: Add Call to Action Buttons

Adding ‘Call to Action’ buttons to your videos is another important part of a successful video marketing campaign. While creating your brand videos, make sure to optimize your video content with CTA (Call to Action) buttons. If you’re not adding CTA to your video, you are undoubtedly fading it to black. A brand video without CTA can be the biggest mistake being a business owner.

Creating an engaging video content without CTA is pointless or you can say a complete waste of time as you are not giving directions to your viewers where you want them to go next. The last few seconds of your video should be about your contact information and call to action buttons. The button you’re adding can help you take your viewer exactly where you want him/her to go.

Never forget that your video is an essential part of your brand sales funnel. Make sure you are adding the right buttons to boost your conversion rate. A call to action button does not always have to directly lead to sign up and a sale. Your video CTA could include:

  • Like/Follow Your Page
  • Subscribe to Your Channel
  • Comment on the Video
  • Share with Friends
  • Check Out other Content

There are three common places to add CTA to your videos such as Pre-roll CTA, Mid-roll CTA, and Post-roll CTA. Add CTA anywhere at these positions and encourage your viewers to take actions.

Follow these top 5 video marketing secrets to make your marketing campaign a great success. When used wisely, video marketing can be highly effective. Start implementing these beneficial strategies for making your business success.


Now, you understand that an effective video marketing campaign can take your business to a new level. For this, first of all, you need to create videos for your brand. Make a video using an online video making tool like Renderforest.

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Always remember, the videos you’re creating are relevant to your business and talking about your products and services. Upload impressive videos and see a dramatic improvement in your video marketing efforts.

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