7 Ways Technology is Changing the Hiring Process

We live in an era of rapid technological innovation. With so many new technologies arriving on the scene, it can seem intimidating: how will my business keep up with the pace of change? One area in particular that’s completely changed over the past couple of decades is the hiring process. Long gone are the days of the classified section, or the job seeker pounding the pavement walking from door to door handing out his printed resume.

Check out this list of ways that technology is changing the hiring process to make sure that your company keeps up pace with the way that the hiring process is changing.

job application
  • Online job boards. There are so many online job boards these days. Some of the biggest include LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. You’re going to want to keep on top of all of these if you’re hoping to get a wide pool of talent applying to your open position. Don’t miss out on an awesome applicant because you forgot to get that job description up on one of the nation’s top job boards!
  • Online recruiting tools. In addition to job boards that applicants can scroll in search of a position that best fits them, employers have more power at their fingertips to actively recruit the candidates they desire. Some jobs board websites allow employers to directly contact applicants they find enticing. Be sure that your hiring manager is aware of these tools and is actively using them to scout our and contact talent. This has an added benefit, as applicants who are directly reached out to will feel flattered and more enticed to take you seriously as an option!
  • Recruiting firms. Not only are there great options for online recruitment, but some companies are entirely devoted to finding a perfect match for an open position. Be sure to research some options here and consider contracting with one of these recruiting firms if you’re looking to hire a position with very specific and sought-after characteristics. You’ll want a curated list of applicants delivered to your desk, rather than 8000 emails from everyone with a resume and a bachelor’s degree in your city! 
  • Screening solutions. If you’re hiring for a position that handles sensitive information, do not cheap out on employment screening solutions. These days, there are excellent online tools for finding out all about the backgrounds of your applicants. Don’t get stuck with someone that has a serious criminal record handling all your clients’ sensitive data! Be sure that you use the awesome technological screening options that are out there today.
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  • Speed. One of the biggest changes that as happened to the hiring process in the past twenty years is the increased speed at which hiring can happen. In the old days, it could take weeks or even months to fill a position using conventional hiring techniques. These days, however, you can hire someone at the click of a button. With video chat interviews available and online jobs boards updatable in real time, you could post a job in the morning on Monday, have twenty solid applicants in the afternoon, schedule interviews the whole week, and have your new employee in the office by the next Monday. Be sure that you manage your timetable for the hiring process well in light of this speed!
  • Wider talent pools. Not only is your applicant pool large because people are more educated and skilled today than at any point in history, it’s also because with new technologies like online schedule management and video chat, remote workers can now easily do the jobs that traditional office workers used to. Be sure when crafting your job description that you think about whether the position you’re hiring could be done remotely. If so, that’s a huge addition to your hiring pool with some awesome talent to draw from.
  • New opportunities for innovation. New technologies mean that there are always new innovations possible on the horizon. With new ways to connect, work, and strategize appearing almost every day, you never know where your next talent could come from. If the hiring processes available to you aren’t bringing you the candidates you desire, it’s time for you to innovate your own new strategy! Technology makes this possible.

The world of tech can seem intimidating, but with so many awesome new tools for companies to hire employees out there, you’ll be sure to find that perfect match in no time. 

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