Smart ways to make Smart money with your Smartphone this 21st Century

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Thanks innovators and present day technology, it’s never been easier to make extra cash.

If you own a smartphone, you can make quick and legitimate money by completing small tasks on certain mobile apps. There are a wide range of apps that you can use to accomplish this. Many are location specific and only people within the specified regions will be able to utilise them. However, if you’re based  in the UK or US, you can find multiple apps via which make some smart cash.

Some of our favourite smartphone apps that you can use to make some cool cash today include:


It’s hard to think of anything that’s more relaxing and satisfying than getting paid to watch TV. The Viggle app will pay you points to log in the TV shows that you watch. Said points can then be used to redeem either gift cards or an assortment of prizes.

The app is easy to use and you’re not forced to watch TV shows that don’t interest you . With Viggle, you can also get paid for listening to music.

Easy Shift

Easy Shift pays you to simply window shop at grocery stores. Companies want to know how their products are being priced and displayed in various stores. EasyShift lets you audit a store or supermarket by instructing you to find a particular product and complete a survey concerning that product. For each completed survey, you’ll be paid within a short time via your Paypal account. People in most US cities can make use of this app.


According to experts at DiscountDomains NZ, One of the smartest ways to make quick money online is to open your own website. However, this is no longer necessarily the case, thanks to apps like Swagbucks that pay you to simply search the web or perform other tasks.

This pay-for-use web service will reward you with points for performing different types of sponsored activities. Said activities may include searching the web, watching short clips, taking online surveys,  clipping online coupons, signing up for featured services, as well as my own favourite, playing video games.

The points you are awarded for tasks on Swagbucks can be redeemed as gift cards and the app can be used by residents in Canada, Ireland, the US, UK, and Australia.


After Swagbucks, InboxDollars is probably the next big thing. There’s a number of ways you can make quick cash on InboxDollars, including taking surveys, reading sponsored emails, watching videos, performing web searches, and shopping.

If you’re using both InboxDollars and Swagbucks, you could literally double your daily earnings. The benefit of InboxDollars is that you have the option of receiving cash as payment instead of a gift card.

Field Agent

This is one of the few apps that is available across multiple continents. It allows you to make money undertaking and completing a variety of micro tasks. Said tasks may include checking demo and display compliance or shelf availability. For each task, you can be paid as little as $3.00 or as much $12.00. Payments will be promptly made to you via PayPal.

On the down side, the app is only available on Apple devices. However, on the upside, people in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Romania can all benefit from using this app.


Available in most major US cities, GigWalk lets you make money by completing tasks such as verifying street signs, geographic landmarks or transportation options; validating prices of certain products at local stores; taking pictures of shelf displays to verify products are properly placed; or substantiating that public events are being held at the correct location at the stated time. Getting started is easy, as all you need do is register via the app, apply for an assignment, and duly complete it.


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This iPhone and Android app enables you to earn money every time you go shopping. All you need to do is complete tasks relating to your favourite companies and brands, before heading out on your shopping trip. Once you’ve finished shopping at the stores in question, take photos of your receipts and upload them via the app. You’ll then get paid once your transaction has been verified. You can also earn more on Ibotta when you refer your friends.

The app is available to US and Puerto Rico residents.


This multifaceted mobile platform lets you earn cash by playing online games, taking surveys, and referring your friends to the app. Money can also be earned by shopping via the app or engaging in sponsored events.

Receipt Hog

This Android and iPhone app pays you for shopping and taking surveys. Simply download the app and sign up. You can begin earning by taking and uploading pictures of your receipts from drug stores, grocers, club stores, dollar stores, beauty stores, pet stores, and convenience marts. Once the receipt is successfully uploaded, virtual coins will be awarded to you on the app. These can be traded in for Amazon gift cards or cash via PayPal.

This app can be used in the United States and United Kingdom.


Unlike the aforementioned apps, Betterment doesn’t provide immediate income. Instead, it represents an opportunity for you to invest in a ‘hands-free’ manner and earn money via your smartphone.

To get started, you simply need to decide how much you’re willing to invest per month on Betterment. The company will invest your deposited sum in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). You can monitor the growth of your investment (and the income accruing to you) on the Betterment app. You can over time choose to increase your investment amount or make a withdrawal.

On a final note

Keep in mind that not all money-making smartphone apps are legitimate. Before you commit to any app, be sure to conduct due diligence to ensure you’re not being scammed. Reviews submitted by people who have used an app are a great way to know more about how it works and if it delivers as promised. 

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