Why A Monitored Alarm System May Be Worth It

When you’re looking at home security systems, there are usually two ways to go. You either get a system that’s professionally monitored, or you build one yourself and do all the installation and maintenance on your own. And while the DIY route gives you a lot more in terms of versatility and options, there are a few pretty valid arguments for a monitored system.

The main differentiating factor between a monitored and an unmonitored system is that with a monitored one, whenever it is triggered, it notifies a separate monitoring center. What this means is that whether you’re at home or not, someone is always watching over your home.

So, while you can make a completely competent alarm system yourself, what are some reasons that go in favor of a monitored system? Why should you consider this as an option, even though it’s usually pricier and also comes with monthly expenses for maintenance?

It’s Never Ignored

This is the first and most important reason why a monitored alarm system is a good idea. With a standard alarm, there is going to be a lot of noise, and maybe a few flashing lights here and there. If you’re at home, this will be enough to notify you that something is going on. It might also notify some of the neighbors, but they may very well ignore that – many people do.

monitored alarm system 1

But, what if your neighbors ignore it, and you aren’t at home? Well, a monitored alarm will send the distress signal to your monitoring center. The center is dedicated to looking out for situations like this, and they won’t ignore it. They work 24/7, and if they don’t get the reset code after the alarm has been triggered, they will notify the authorities and emergency personnel.

A Monitoring System Gives You an Entire Package

With a DIY system, the only components you get are the ones you decide to buy. The thing is, you can’t get a guarantee that all of the system components you get will work with each other. For example, you might get cameras, lights and motion sensors from one brand, that would almost certainly guarantee compatibility. However, does that same company create smart locks and video doorbells? Do they also have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?

monitored alarm system 2

Unless the answer is “yes”, you’ll have a hard time integrating the entire system into one complete package. You’ll need to work with multiple apps, and some devices are difficult to find in a smart variant by themselves, so you might need to compromise on security. That’s never a good idea.

With a monitoring system, you get just that, a system. There are quite a lot of options, but you can almost always choose one that has everything, from cameras to detectors and sensors. When you do that, you aren’t leaving out any aspect of your home security.

You Often Get a Tailored Response

When we say tailored, we mean one of two things. One option is to get a response that’s tailored to your home and your needs. For example, when you have an alarm sounding, the monitoring system can contact someone who is close to you, such as a neighbor or a friend who lives nearby. Or, they could be sending a trained professional, one that’s well prepared for such a situation.

The other thing is that you will get a response that’s tailored to the specific situation. For example, if you do things yourself, you could hear the audible alarm letting you know that someone tried to access your front door. If that’s the case, you’ll call the police. But did you also hear the smoke alarm going off in the back? Chances are you won’t among all the chaos, and you may not call the fire department. We all know how much of an issue that could be. With a professional monitoring system, they will immediately see all the alarms that went off, and notify all the necessary personnel.

Which One Is Right for You?

This is a decision you’ll need to make when you’re set on installing a security system. As we mentioned, there are arguments to be made for both. Some people will prefer paying a bit more, but knowing that their home is being monitored at all times, and if something does happen, they’ll have a response team at their door before they get to their phone.

However, if you aren’t one of those people, you could always opt for a DIY solution. There are a lot of home security cameras out there, and you can integrate them with other gadgets such as motion sensors, lights, smart locks, and video doorbells, and you can make your own home security system!

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