How To Take Advantage Of Windows 8 For Productivity

Advantage Of Windows 8

Operating system affects the overall performance of a computer. Being an interface between the hardware and software applications, it should perform at optimum level so that you will be productive in system usage.

Windows 8 comes with many new features including quick boot process (50% faster than Windows 7). Let us check how Windows 8 can help you be productive.

Enhanced file history

The new feature introduced with Windows 8, File History will let you have a backup of the data at regular intervals of time. It is possible to backup data at every one hour or as per your selection. It is possible to transfer the data to an external drive or server.

You can take advantage of the storage of files in various versions. Thus, even if you overwrite the current file, you will be able to revert back to nearest old file so that you will not suffer a major setback.

The backup will happen when the system resources not being utilized extensively. Thus, it is will not hit your productivity.

Multiple monitor support

Window 8 gives you great flexibility in terms of number of monitors that it can support. You can find taskbar on each and every screen.

You are not required to reach the primary monitor to change the display of various screens. You can easily access the content that is to be displayed on the screen from any monitor.

The edge detection facility will let you open charms from any screen. This can be accomplished regardless of the position of the mouse pointer.

Pinning of applications

If you are using Windows 8 applications, you will be able to pin them on either side of the screen. Instead of opening communication applications like mail and chat in various windows, you can pin them at one location and you will be able to access them whenever you want.

Windows hotkeys

Shortcut keys are quite useful to launch various applications and to perform various tasks. In addition to popular windows shortcut keys, Windows 8 comes with new hotkeys.

Win+C can be used to access charms. You can use arrows to move and enter to launch. Win+K can be used to access devices. Win+I can be used to change the settings in any application.

You can also access network and other useful features. If you want to snap desktop applications to one side, you can use Win+arrow keys. You can access admin related stuff by using Win+X.  This is one of the most powerful shortcut keys.

If you are a power user, you will love to use this shortcut key. You can move full screen applications to other monitors by using Win+PgUp and Win+PgDn keys. You can also use these keys to move the start screen.

Other factors

The task manager is thoroughly revamped. Now, you can find the allocation of resources by OS to various applications in a better visual format. You can close certain applications so that you can get good performance from the system.

Windows 8 comes with virtual V which can be enabled from the Windows features dialog box. The Hyper-V management tools and platform can be better managed through Windows settings.

14 thoughts on “How To Take Advantage Of Windows 8 For Productivity”

  1. Thanks for article. I was just considering should I Or shouldn’t go for Windows 8. 40 bucks is not much but it is all about the habit to you good old Windows XP)) You know what i mean)))

  2. Windows 8 actually has got very decent features. It is the inertia of using old interface that does not let people to accept it to the fullest. If people would consider these features they can surely enhance their user experience. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love working on a computer with multi-monitors. It feels great looking at them. More than it, I love to play games on such a computer. I sometimes use it using a little software

  4. I was double minded about Windows 8. These features make me to install Windows 8. So, I am going to give a try for Windows 8 as experiment for few days.

  5. Hi Jane,
    A very nice insight on Windows 8. Windows 8 is in every sense a charming product. Window Hotkeys are what I adored the most, as they are new and prompt. Thanks for sharing this post which is in true sense the glorification of Windows 8.

  6. Windows 8 simply rocks with all its practical yet user-friendly features. Can’t wait to have it.Thanks for sharing the informative post.

  7. Windows have began the new era with windows 8, with its touch screen, enhanced features, and compatibility on tablets, laptops and even desktops. It’s totally awesome, didn’t get my hand on it yet but will get soon. Nice post Jane!

  8. Despite the rather complicated interface, windows 8 is a powerful OS. I just hope the software giant can start creating a more PC friendly interface.

  9. I find that the Windows 8 interface is just too tablet-y it’s as if they wanted to get in with the ‘new’ crowd but frankly this step is just too complicated. If you laptop doesn’t have a touch screen feature, it can be very hard to use.

  10. I don’t know but I really don’t have patience for Windows 8, I have three computers at home and my new laptop’s on Windows 8 it’s really complicated to use. The interface only works best for tablets.

  11. The new interface takes a bit of getting used to, but overall I think it improve the productivity with some unique features. However I can understand why many people are against this interface. Especially people who are not that familiar with modifying setting etc.

  12. I happen to love this new OS it’s sleek new design definitely changes the whole interface. And from experience this OS is capable of doing tons of things I can only imagine of doing on regular OSes. Kudos Microsoft!

  13. More than anything else, the new windows 8 is faster and visually appealing. One can get the work done with fewer clicks than before.


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