The Seven Worst Times to Talk on Your Cellphone

worst time to speak cellphone

Cellphones are such a part of our lives that we often believe we can’t do without them. People take their phones with them everywhere they go and sometimes that can be inappropriate. But of all the bad times to whip out your mobile device, here are the seven worst times to talk on your cell phone.

Four Weddings and a CellPhone?

Weddings are another event where you should never use your phone. Unless you are the best man and need to find the groom like in the movie The Hangover then there isn’t usually a reason to use your cellphone and never during the ceremony itself.

Even if you have just purchased the trendiest new T-Mobile smart phone that you’re just dying to use while in some exciting location out of the country, save it until after the event.

Date Night

A date with someone you’re not totally familiar with can be intimidating but unless you want to look like a total tool, don’t use your cell phone during your night out, especially a first date. Don’t even sneak in a phone call while your date is in the restroom or away from you for a few minutes because if he or she comes back it looks as if you are talking about him or her, which you probably are.

Save your phone conversations for afterwards. Whether it’s a good date or the date from hell, you can talk about it after it’s over.

Let’s Go Out to the Lobby at the Movie Theater

We’ve all been there before. You’re sitting down with your popcorn and soda waiting for the latest blockbuster to start when the jerk in front of you starts talking on his or her phone.

Surely the person will put down the phone once the movie starts right? Wrong. Don’t be this person. Turn off your phone before you go to the theater and if you’re on call put it on vibrate and step outside if you do get an important call.

Bathroom Break

The bathroom, seriously? Some people have public bathroom anxiety anyway so why make it even more awkward for everyone by talking on the phone while you’re indisposed? Along with being unsanitary, it’s just plain gross. No one wants to hear your conversation and definitely not when they’re trying to spend some quiet time on the toilet.

Death at a Funeral

Worst time to speak

Would you want someone talking on the phone while you’re mourning the death of a loved one? Well, no one else does either. There isn’t a reason in the world why you have to tell your best friend what you did last night or get a grocery list from your spouse while you’re attending a funeral.

This means outside of the funeral home or church, inside during services, and at the graveside. If you make someone angry enough, it may be your funeral you’re attending soon so put it down, turn it off and wait till later.

Eat, Pray….Talk?

People go to a restaurant to enjoy a good meal away from home. Maybe they want to enjoy some quiet conversation with their date or enjoy a family dinner away from the kitchen.

Why ruin it for everyone by holding a conversation on your cellphone? Typically, whatever you have to say can wait a little while until you finish eating. No one wants to listen to you talk about work while they’re trying to enjoy an expensive meal.

Arrive Alive When You Drive

Do you honestly want to be one of those public service announcement ads about not using your cell phone while driving? Many of those are about texting and driving but talking on your cell phone is almost as distracting and can cause accidents. Even using a speakerphone is distracting; it’s the conversation that takes your attention away from driving.

Cellphones are an important part of our lives and a very useful tool in business and personal lives but there are times that you shouldn’t talk on the phone under any circumstances.

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9 thoughts on “The Seven Worst Times to Talk on Your Cellphone”

  1. Although I might ignore a call during a wedding or a funeral I get really pissed when someone uses the phone in the movies. Fortunately some movie halls are very strict about these things and kick people out for such offences and I do love it when that happens to jerks like that.

  2. I hate people sitting next to me in a cinema and texting on his phone. These people just thought that as long as they’re not making any noise then it’ll be fine. Don’t they know that the flash is also equally disturbing too?

  3. A very thoughtful share Jane. The cell phone usage has become such a rage, that people just can’t remain without their handsets even for a fraction of a second. I myself have committed some of the mistakes mentioned in this post, and I only realized today after reading this post that those mistakes were so offensive. Thanks for writing this eye-opener share.

  4. The most irritating and common among them is People talking on the phone while eating.It really irritates me when someone tries to talk on their phone when their mouth is full of food.It is really disgusting.

  5. Hi I do a sport now, stand up paddleboarding I leave my phone in the car out of site of course. And just get away from all modern technology for an hour or is like agreat release to know that you can’t be contacted for that brief period.

    All very valid points great post thanks lee


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