5 Best iPad Apps To Spice Up Your Hot Summer

5 Best iPad Apps To Spice Up Your Hot Summer

Searching for the best iPad apps this summer? You are not alone!

When summer comes, the idea of having fun is what comes to one’s mind. People love to travel, play games, explore new places, catch up with some good music, watch movies and update themselves with their favourite sports and cook new cuisines.

What would you do if you get all these in a sleek tablet iPad? Yes, you heard me right. You can find all these in your Apple iPad as hot tablet apps which are free and low cost tools and can be downloaded to your device.

More and more application developers are on their way to exploit the beauty and portability of the recently launched Apple’s iPad2. Let’s check out some of the best iPad apps to have your vacation time fun filled and worth enjoying.

The Weather Channel Max

If you are planning to go for a vacation and exploit new places with specific activities in mind, you need to know about the weather conditions of the destinations.

With the Weather Channel app, free on the Apple Market place and add sponsored, you can get current weather reports, live maps and forecasts, and also has interactive radars through Google Maps which makes it easy to pan around. You can also watch streaming video of news and programs that air on the TV channel.

ESPN Score Center XL

If you are one of those who love sports and cannot miss your favorite summer baseball matches, this app readily caters you. Score Center XL is a great free app helps you to keep up to date with your favourite pastime.

It provides news on all MLB teams, video highlights and scores in real time. It also include other sports like football and basket ball but you can only select base ball on “My sports tab” when you start up.


Hipmunk is a new tool created by Alexis Ohanian (co founder of Reddit) for finding cheap flights importing data from airline sites and Orbitz. An easy to read graph provides data on available flights, their fare and their departure times.

It also contains information on the length of layovers and connecting flights to easily help you to pick according to your travel. This app is a great help at hand on the go.

More Grillin’

Since summer time is all about enjoying the outdoors, it’s time to enjoy eating outdoors. Clean up your grilling skills with this app “More grillin’“.

This app not only gives you recipes, but tips and tricks on a grill, letting you share with friends through quick e-mail access or through Skype and Facebook. You can easily cook the fun way virtually and master your grilling skills.

Only thing to remember is not to overcook the steaks. It just costs you only 99 cents.


Can summer be complete without listening to your favourite music on while you play your game? No way, right? Thers’s just an apt app which exactly serves your purpose.

Jamboxx is a fun music player with a retro look to it. And it is available for free. It lets you create virtual mixtapes with music from your own library and is not loud like the old boombox. Its nostalgic and is super fun for a happy summer.

What do you think about these cool Apple apps?

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