3 Red Flags To Watch Out In Affordable CD Duplication

CD Duplication

Searching for an affordable CD duplication company but you are afraid that the service will result in an inferior output due to affordable raw materials and factories?  If yes, then you need an affordable CD duplication service that does not affect the quality of your output.

If you are on a limited budget, you can’t easily go back to zero if something does not work out with the CD duplication company you have chosen.  This means that you need a dependable CD duplication company. Below are some signs that should look for to determine if an affordable CD duplication company is not dependable.

Think multiple times if..

The offer is too good to be true

A great deal is good but don’t get easily tricked by the company offers.  We don’t know if the offer meets your expectations unless we get their services. The most effective thing to do is to check their track record, terms, and client reviews.

If they offer 80% discount on CD duplication services then check the terms of the offer if there are hidden charges. Using 80% offer attracts clients and often use them as a bait. Business is still business.

These CD duplication companies are not non-profit organization for artists that are having difficulties.  Checking their record and client reviews can help you determine if the company could provide high quality outputs that meet your expectations.

Not active online

A decent CD duplication company must be active online because of their clients are mostly on the Internet.  Check on Google your favorite CD duplication company and look if they have a website.

This is not mandatory, but the company’s online presence and their website shows who they are.  Look for their website’s about page, guidelines, and portfolio.  This will help you to decide if the company is good.

Search for some negative reviews.  If they have too many negative reviews then you should think twice before availing their services.

Does not reply to your e-mails or online inquiries for more than 2 days

If you inquire on a weekend or holiday then expect some delays.  But if you email or called them on a regular day, they should at least a reply immediately or the next day.

How could you assure that an affordable CD duplication company won’t result in delays or run with your money?  If you are careful then visit their nearest office or their factory.

A good CD duplication company responds inquiries and requests within the day or two because they have created a well developed system and good customer assistance.

Then here you go.  Knowing all of these signs can determine if you should outsource your output to a CD duplication company.  Ask anyone who has availed your selected CD duplication company like their experience in delivered products and after-sales transactions.

If none of these signs are present, then that would determine that your selected company is a good CD duplication company.  If there are any additions that you would like to add to this post, please post it in the comment section below.

JV White is a music enthusiast and currently working as a marketing consultant at We Print Discs, a company that specializes on CD duplication, printing and replication. Find him on Twitter @jvwhite1980

4 thoughts on “3 Red Flags To Watch Out In Affordable CD Duplication”

  1. Yes I messed up , once buying that duplicated FIFA CD , and was really pissed off , when the errors showed up. Even the game did not run , some parts. LIke the Word Championship :/ One must be careful about this . 🙁

    • Hi Myles,

      Thank you for your comment. Duplicate CD’s with copyright protected are inferior compared to the original CD’s at the same time it is illegal to buy a duplicated CD especially if they are copyright protected like games and music.

  2. Thanks for putting forth your views on this topic . I have gone wrong many a times about CD duplication . I have gained lot of insight about this now.


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