7 Personal Habits That Can Ruin Your Professional Life

Personal Habits

Everyone in the world today has habits that hinder some part of their everyday life. From relationships to the workplace, bad habits are formed every day. In the professional world, it is important for employees to understand how their habits are affecting those around them.

Bad habits in the workplace can lead to a bad reputation or loss of employment. It is important to be conscience of our habits and work hard to break them. Below are 7 examples of personal habits that can ruin your professional life.


We all know someone who puts things off till the last minute, the friend who is always waiting till the last minute to pack for a trip, or the last to get ready to go to dinner. Everyone knows someone who procrastinates. As common as procrastination is, it is not a good trait for the workplace.

Procrastination habits can lead to poor work performance. Those who tend to procrastinate can fail to turn work assignments in on time.

Procrastination is basically someone who does not manage their time wisely and fails to plan accordingly. It is important to avoid procrastinating on the job so that your work does not suffer.

Email Addiction

Another issue can be email addictions. If you have an email account, you most likely check it once a day. Some people have an addiction to checking email.

They send out sloppy email messages with smiley faces and shorthand, which can seem very unprofessional. If you find that you are constantly checking your email for funny jokes or videos, instead of working, you may have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Language Used

Language is another issue that can affect the workplace. It is very important to be sure that you use appropriate language while on the job.

Disrespectful speaking as well as being sarcastic or using foul language can get you in trouble. It is very important to be serious and respectful while on the job so that you can be seen as a professional.

Being Late

Waiting is never fun and is usually an annoyance. Your employer expects you to be on time for the start of the work day as well as to meetings and conferences. It is very important that you plan your day and are never late.

If you are late, you will be delaying the work day and have to make up an excuse. Your employer will eventually become tired of your excuses and you may you may soon find yourself out of a job.


It is also important for employees to remain easy going and calm. If you have an anger problem or sarcastic issues, you may have a problem at work.

No one wants to be around someone who is constantly angry, sad or has other temperament issues. Try to remain happy and optimistic so that everyone around you feels comfortable.


Employees should also try very hard to remain flexible. An inflexible employee may find themselves out of a job.

It is important to be open to tasks and assignments. You want to show your employer that you appreciate your position and that you are ready to work hard to remain a member of the company.


Disloyalty is another issue that can affect your position. It is important when working for a company to remain loyal to that company.

You may be privy to privileged information and that information should not be talked about. You should keep inside information to yourself instead of sharing it with others on social media websites or to other competitors.

All of these habits can ruin your employment opportunities. Work on yourself and be open to change so you can excel in your career!

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5 thoughts on “7 Personal Habits That Can Ruin Your Professional Life”

  1. hi Michelle Patterson,
    Very well Described .These are the habits which ruins our life in what field ur as student,,,as a employee..What ever we do we should do with our best .Thanks For Tips and Thanks For Sharing 🙂

  2. Funny how I try to be the model employee and basically do everything you say but my boss is being an ass going beyond the line. Just yesterday he question my ‘lack of faith’ ON FACEBOOK and told me to respect his faith and respect him. That’s really unprofessional if you’d ask me. It’s a good think I’ve given my 30 day notice two weeks ago. I’m literally counting the days.

  3. Hi Michelle
    People being late is the one that really drives me up the wall. I know sometimes there are circumstances when it can’t be avoided. But some people seem to live their whole day an hour behind where it should be and are literally late for everything. I find this so frustrating and irritating. Surely this is down to their attitude towards what ever they are doing, maybe they are not motivated or interested in what they are doing I don’t know. I just feel it is polite to be slightly early for everything. Everyone to their own I suppose.

    Great post thanks lee


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