Amazing Facts Review – Interesting Facts on Your Android Phone

If you are looking for a way to amaze and entertain yourself then there are numerous Android apps that offer amazing and interesting facts for you to read and share on your smartphone. Today we are reviewing one such Android app which has 11,000+ collection of unusual facts that are fun to read as well as good to know and share with friends.

Amazing Facts Android

Amazing Facts (11000+) is an app by KunRuch Creations and is available on all Android devices. It allows you to read the facts offline and lets you navigate between facts as well as jump to a random fact. You can also share the fact with others using messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line and Facebook Messenger. Sharing on social networks is also allowed, although you would need to manually copy and paste the fact if you need to share it on Facebook. Let us take a look at different aspects of this Android app.


While the app has a minimal and usable interface, we find the UI to be a bit dated and not in sync with the latest Material Design that Android apps feature these days. However, the user interface is easy to work with and all the controls are easily discoverable and presented right below the fact.

amazing facts screenshot


You can use the controls to navigate previous and next facts and to jump to a random fact. You can also share the fact using the button provided in the toolbar below the fact. There aren’t much features offered by the app apart from basic navigation and sharing. We do wish that a “Save to Favorite” option was present which would allow you to collect your favorite facts and read them later.

Another good feature could have been the ability to search the facts or grouping the related facts in categories. The developers have kept the app simple in this version and hopefully we will see new features added soon.


The app performs without any lag and the best thing is that it can run even without internet. Although the app shows a display advertising, it is placed at the bottom of the screen and does not intrude with the user interface nor it slows down the app. We couldn’t find any other nagging advertising in the app such as interstitial or video ads, which is a good thing for allowing you to seamlessly browse through the facts without interruption.


We really can’t complain about the price as the app is free and displays very minimal advertising. There are no in-app purchases available which means the entire set of amazing facts are available in the free download and thus the app is fully functional in the free version.


Overall, we find this app Amazing Facts to be a great entertainer as well as fun to share facts with friends and families. We do see a few areas of improvements that could have made this app more usable.

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Amazing Facts (11000+) Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Cost


– Good collection of facts (11,000+)
– Jump to Random Fact
– Non-intrusive Advertisements
– Free

– Dated UI
– No way to save favorite quotes

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