Amazon releases second Twitter hashtag for buyers

Amazon releases second Twitter hashtag for buyers

Buyers from the popular e-commerce site Amazon can now use a tweet to add products to their wishlists.

On Wednesday the company launched its second hashtag for shopping, named #AmazonWishlist, which adds to the budding social-media driven shopping strategy that is adopted by various retailers in order to attract more number of customers.

The e-commerce site has announced that the newly released hashtag is directly connected to Amazon’s wishlist maker, a tool that is quite popular among its users. To use the hashtag users must first connect and synchronize their account with their twitter account.

After doing this buyers can now add products to their wishlist on by simply tweeting #AmazonWishlist on any tweets that they come across, which has an Amazon product link in it. As soon as they do so the product will be added to their wishlist on the company’s website and the customer will receive a tweet replying to their initial tweet from Amazon’s @MyAmazon account and an email as well.

The company recently launched some statistics which showed that one in every three Amazon shoppers added some product or the other to their wishlist.

Apart from this hashtag, Amazon also released another feature named as the “save-a-photo” feature for wishlists, which allows buyers to use photos in their wishlists.

Earlier this year Amazon had released the #AmazonCart hashtag using which shoppers could add products directly to their digital shopping carts on, by tweeting the hashtag on a tweet with a link for an Amazon product in it.

Amazon has also stated that in the not so distant future it would also give users the ability to use a hashtag on twitter to directly buy a product without even having to visiting their website.

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