Your iPhone 6 (Plus) will bend in your pocket. Look out!

Your iPhone 6 Plus will bend in your pocket. Look out!

It has only been a few days and there are already complaints about the iPhone 6 (Plus) bending. Yes if you have an iPhone 6 Plus, you should check your device now. People have complained that the device bends in their pockets, which is quite disappointing.

iPhone 6 owners have posted images of their bent device forums, blogs and even on Twitter.

One forum member has reported that the device has bent while he had it in his front pocket during a few hours of car ride.

Translation: Oops, the iPhone 6 is deformed in the pocket!

Here’s an interesting video by Lewis of Unbox Therapy where he takes an iPhone 6 Plus for a bend test. And if you are a Plus user you won’t be happy with what you see.

From all the images of the bent device and also from the video you can see that the area near the button is the point that is more likely to bend. In the video, even though Lew puts pressure in the middle of the phone, the upper point near the button is the one that bends.

He also did a follow up Galaxy Note 3 bend test:

Note 3 does give it to the pressure. It does bend at the point where the pressure is applied. But once the pressure is taken off, the phone gets back to flat.

It is quite understandable that there is a huge difference between Aluminium and Plastic. Metal will bend when enough pressure is applied and will stay that way, whereas plastic will regain its shape after the pressure is taken off.

However as a owner who invests a good amount of money on a gadget, will it be OK for you to have a bent phone? That is something to think about.

While I read through the comments in various blog posts, forums and videos, I can see the usual “Apple – Android war”. Most of the Apple lovers try to explain that it is OK for the metal to bend and that people should use cases; some say that Apple is not the only one to sell phones that could bend; some die hard Apple fans have even went to the point of saying that people should not put their phones in their pocket, in particular if their pant is tight.

And if you are thinking about bending your bent iPhone 6 Plus, you might crack the display (as you can see from the Galaxy Note 3 bend test video above).

Apple has not yet made any response to this issue!

Personally, I wouldn’t invest in a phone that would bend too easily! What about you?

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