Top 10 Android 8 Oreo Features to Know Before you Upgrade

Android Smartphones have come a long way since launch and with the 8th iteration of Android version called Oreo (Android O) by Google is all set to penetrate into smartphone users’ life even more. In this article we take a look at some of the best and unique features offered by Android Oreo that Android users will get with this OS upgrade.

android oreo features
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Android Oreo Features

Android Oreo is going to be available for Pixel and Nexus phones first. If you have these phones then you will be able to get your hands on the Oreo version of Android before others. If not then you may have to wait till your OEM decides to upgrade your smartphone to the Android 8.0 version. Find here the top 10 features offered in Android Oreo to know whether waiting for an upgrade is going to be worth it or not.

1. Faster Boot

Oreo offers almost two times faster boot time for Android phones. This means that after turning on your device, it will be usable sooner and ready to launch your apps in less time.

Android O Features 1
Faster Boots & Background Limits

2. Background Limits on Apps

Android apps that you use the least will have minimal background activity and will be limited by Oreo to help get more out of your battery.

3. Password Auto-fills

Your Oreo Android phone will be able to remember your passwords inside apps.

Android Oreo Features 2
Password AutoFill

4. Picture-in-Picture

Another great feature offered by Oreo is the ability to see two apps at once. As seen in screenshot below, you can now access and see other apps while having video calls.

Android O Features 3

5. Notification Dots

In Android 8.0, apps having notifications will have a dot appear on their icon. Tapping on the notification dots will let you see the notifications specific to those apps. You will also be able to clear these notifications by swiping them away.

Android O Features 4
Notification Dots

6. Android Instant Apps

Android Instant apps will allow you to access apps right from the browser without the need to install them.

7. New Emojis

Hurray! New Emojis in Android Oreo. Nothing more to say here.

New Emojis in Android Oreo
New Emojis

8. Updates on Low Storage Space

Starting from Android 8 Oreo update, you will be able to update your phone even when you are running low on storage space. Only 100kb of available space will be needed in order to install an update.

9. Notification Categories & Snoozing

More powerful options will be available for notifications in Android O. You will have total control over notifications via the Notification categories and the ability to snooze them if needed.

10. Wi-Fi Assistant

Your Android phone will be able to turn your Wi-Fi on automatically when it detects a known Wi-Fi location such as your home. This will help you save mobile data. Additionally the Wi-Fi assistant available on Android O will be able to auto-connect to high quality Wi-Fi and easily secure it with a VPN back to Google.

Now that you know these top Android Oreo features, are you waiting to get your hands on this Update? Share you feedback about this Android version in the comments below.

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