Top 5 Clash Royale Fan Sites for Improving your Gameplay and Having Extra Fun

Clash Royale is a hugely popular game on Android as well as on iOS (read our review) and it has attracted a lot of fans to build sites around it. In this post, we have collected together the best fan made sites for Clash Royale that are helpful in tracking your stats, your next chest, improving your gameplay and for having fun.

Source: Clash Royale Official Website

Supercell, the developers behind Clash Royale encourage the community to build fan sites and highlight the best-made fan sites from time to time. There is even a fan kit made available for building Clash Royale fan sites. Using this fan kit you can build a site around Clash Royale of your own. Just remember to follow these guidelines while doing so.

Below, we take a look at some of the best Clash Royale fan sites, that we use to build decks, find top trophy pushing decks, find when we will get next legendary or super magical chest, as well as to have extra fun.


StatsRoyale is one of the top fan sites which allows you to track your Clash Royale stats and chests. You can enter your player tag into the site and it will be able to show you your battle stats as well as upcoming chests. We use this site to find out when we will get our next magical, super magical or legendary chest. This fan site also lists down popular decks used in tournaments as well as ladder. You can read our post on top ladder decks which we wrote based on the stats from this site.

Additionally, StatsRoyale also features a deck-builder which you can use to build Clash Royale decks for all arenas. You can also stay up to date with current and upcoming Clash Royale tournaments and challenges with this site.

Deck Shop

deck shop

Deck Shop is our go-to site for building Clash Royale decks. This fan site can also analyze your current deck and tell its weaknesses and strengths. While building a deck, synergy between different cards is also highlighted which can be useful in improving your game-play. You can check any deck for its defensive and offensive potential.

Deck Shop fan site also lists down best decks for all Clash Royale arenas and allows you to build decks with cards that you own. Helpful guides are also available on this site.



Similar to StatsRoyale, Starfire also does chest tracking and displays profile stats of any Clash Royale player. Additionally, they also offer a chest simulator and are able to show you upcoming shop offers. They have apps available on Android and iOS which offer the same functionality as the website on your smartphone.

Clash Strategist

Clash Strategist is best known for creating Draft Royale tournaments which are an alternate variation of Clash Royale game-play. You need to register on the site to create your own Draft Royale tournaments. Twitch streamer RumHam frequently holds such tournaments which you can participate in.

Clash Royale Card Maker

clash royale card maker

Ever wanted to build your own card for the game Clash Royale? Well, you can do it with this amazing fan site which allows you to build a card of any rarity. All you need to do is upload a card icon and add in details about card stats and you will get a custom Clash Royale card made as shown in the image above. You can download this card to share with friends and on social networks.

Which other Clash Royale fan site do you regularly visit? Have you built a fan site for Clash Royale? Let us know in comments below.

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