Top Decks to Increase Trophies in Clash Royale (All Arenas)

We recently reviewed Clash Royale and felt the need of following it up with the list of top decks to increase your trophies in the game. We are listing top 3 trophy pushing decks for each arena of Clash Royale in this article. You can use these decks to climb the ladder and advance in arenas up till the legendary arena.

Source: Clash Royale Official Website

If you are finding it hard to build your own deck, or just need a little suggestion in forming a solid deck which can be used to push your trophies then fear not. We are making available the top 3 decks used by players in each arena to increase their trophies. Do make sure to request for these cards from your clanmates and upgrade them whenever possible to help boost your trophies in Clash Royale.

We have added a little commentary along with each arena, however, the best way to learn is to watch the top players battle in TV Royale replays or by following them on YouTube. Surgical GoblinOrange Juice Gaming, and CWA Mobile Gaming are some of the recommended channels you may subscribe to in order to learn how to play Clash Royale and form strong decks that are helpful in improving your gameplay and trophies.

Let us take a look at the top 3 most used decks with highest win-rate in each arena. Win Rate percentage of each deck is also mentioned along side each deck. (source: StatsRoyale)

Arena 1 Top Decks (Goblin Stadium)

arena 1 top decks

Arena 1 is where you are just starting out and wouldn’t have unlocked many cards. If you find Epic cards then, by all means, you should use them in your deck as a level 1 epic equals level 5 common or level 3 rare. The top three decks used for ladder pushing involve epic cards such as Prince, Skeleton Army, and Witch at Arena 1 as shown in the image above. Fireball, Arrows, and Bomber are also good at this stage and will help you counter swarms easily.

Arena 2 Top Decks (Bone Pit)

arena 2 top decks

Cards found in Arena 1 continue to dominate ladder matches in Arena 2 as these are the cards you would be having upgraded as much as possible. If you are able to unlock Goblin Barrel in this arena then that should also find good use in climbing trophies as it is good at dealing chip damage to towers at this stage. Another great card is Valkyrie that you can use instead of the bomber in the above decks.

Arena 3 Top Decks (Barbarian Bowl)

arena 3 top decks

Same as Arena 2, your best bet is to have your existing card maxed up as much as possible and even have level 2 epics and level 3-4 rares by now. You can find Skeleton Giant and Balloon as Epic cards in this arena, however, they are generally tougher to play with and if you don’t use them wisely, they can lead to a loss instead of a win. Nonetheless, Balloon is a great card to be used at later stages, once you have mastered the game. You should keep an eye on getting the Balloon upgraded if possible to use in later arenas.

Arena 4 Top Decks (P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse)

arena 4 top decks

An all Epic deck such as the one shown in the image above can help you reach Arena 4. Cards like Balloon, Goblin Barrel and Rage are great in taking down towers while other epic cards such as Witch, Skeleton Army, Baby Dragon, Prince and Giant Skeleton can provide good defense as well as counter-push. If you are able to unlock legendary cards such as Lava Hound or Inferno Dragon at this stage then that would be a plus.

Arena 5 Top Decks (Spell Valley)

arena 5 top decks

Arena 5 (Spell Valley) is where the real strategical decks start to show up. At this point, you should have found a good clan and should use your daily card requests to request for win condition cards such as Hog Rider, Mortar, and Fireball. Also, make use of Epic Sundays to request cards such as Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Army. You should also learn to do counter plays and manage your Elixir effectively at this stage. In order to ensure a win, you need decks which have a good offense as well as defense cards. Also keep in mind the synergy between each card such as Knight and Archers, Hog Rider and Fireball/Zap. While you may not be able to unlock Electro Wizard at this stage, you can use Ice Wizard or regular Wizard in its place. Zap is a good replacement for Log.

Arena 6 Top Decks (Builder’s Workshop)

arena 6 top decks

In advanced arenas, it becomes more of mind games and elixir management that decide the outcome. You can go with Beatdown decks such as those with Golem or Giant, however, they would generally need you to carry Elixir collector too, which can be risky if not played appropriately. Alternatively, you can simply rely on the Tower pushing capabilities of the Hog Rider and Goblin barrel, coupled with good defense provided by Wizard, Skeleton Army, Minion Horde and Baby Dragon.

Arena 7 Top Decks (Royal Arena)

arena 7 top decks

Arena 7 is where the Legendary cards would start to make a lot of difference. Lava Hound combined with Balloon can be a nightmare for your enemy if they are weak in air unit defense.

Arena 8 Top Decks (Frozen Peak)

arena 8 top decks

While Night Witch is a great card, it has been nerfed and may no longer provide the same value it used to. However, it can still be tough to deal with when placed behind a large tank such as Golem. Coupled with cheap Bats and Triple Lightning to take down opponent’s Inferno Tower or Defensive units can help you get easy wins. Electro Wizard is another great defensive card to be used at this stage if you manage to unlock it.

Arena 9 Top Decks (Jungle Arena)

arena 9 top decks

Electro Wizard offers an all round defense in a log bait deck involving Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, and Skeleton Army, you are sure to make your opponent sweat with this deck. In Jungle Arena, you are also able to unlock Dart Goblin, which can further strengthen your log bait deck. Alternatively, you can stick to your Golem beatdown decks.

Arena 10 Top Decks (Hog Mountain)

arena 10 top decks

Once you have reached Arena 10, you should start to stick to only 1-2 decks for ladder play as the level of your card will start to matter a lot. If you keep changing your deck often, you won’t be able to upgrade them at the same speed which can pull you down. At this stage, Logbait decks and Three Muskees Battle Ram decks are real threats to enemies. If you master any of these two decks and upgrade the cards equivalent to level 10-11 common, you should be able to reach Legendary arena easily.

Arena 11 Top Decks (legendary Arena)

arena 11 top decks

Congrats if you have made it to the Legendary Arena. Pushing ladder now only remains a personal goal now and you will start advancing Leagues instead of Arenas from now on. Mastering and upgrading the deck you were using since Arena 10 is a good choice here. Another good option is to participate in regular in-game events hosted by Clash Royale as they will offer you lots of rewards. Season reset which happens every month will also grant you additional cards based on the league you were able to reach.

Keep in mind that many times, players lose trophies and then they are able to use their cards in lower arenas too. This is why you may find decks for certain arenas to be listing a card which cannot be found in that arena. The decks presented above are based on real stats and hence we have listed them without any changes. If you face any trouble in replacing those cards in your deck then let us know in comments and we will try to suggest a suitable replacement to you.

That’s it, we hope you found the information presented here useful. If you have any favorite deck for pushing trophies in Clash Royale then let us know in comments below.

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