Apple Watch Homescreen look-alike to be available to Android Wear Users

Apple Watch Homescreen look-alike to be available to Android Wear Users

Apple has only recently showcased the brand new Apple Watch which has a number of innovative features and a user-friendly UI. However, the Apple Watch is not the first smartwatch to be launched, as there are many other smart watches in the present market that run on the Android Wear platform. Android Wear is the operating system that is being used by most smartwatches that are available in the market at the moment.

One of the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing features of the Apple Watch is its homescreen, which is made up of a number of circular icons and apps of various sizes and colours. This feature, however, was not previously available in smartwatches that were based on the Android Wear operating system.

However, those users don’t need to worry anymore as after the unveiling of the Apple Watch, its home screen has already been copied by an app developer and has been made available to Android Wear users worldwide. Although the homescreen is almost an exact copy, it is not exactly a homescreen instead it’s just a watchface and the icons that are displayed don’t take you anywhere.

This watchface, also known as the Pear watchface and is available to Android Wear users via the WearFaces app which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Apart from the Pear watchface this app also lets its users install many other watchfaces on their smartwatch.

Thus, although it doesn’t exactly work like the homescreen of the Apple Watch it still retains the basic design and also lets users choose between square and circular icons for their watchface.

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