BACtrack Vio keychain breathalyzer on iOS and Android shows level of intoxication

BACtrack Vio keychain breathalyzer on iOS and Android shows level of intoxication

There is a brand new gadget in town which will help you to know when you have had too much alcohol and should put down your drink. The gadget is the BACtrack Vio mobile breathalyzer. For this gadget to work the user has to blow into the device by putting their lips together. Thus, basically this device is a breathalyzer which helps you stop yourself from getting intoxicated.

BACktrack has made many products in recent years which helps its users in various ways. It has made many innovative products in the last few years and the most recent one was like a bigger version of the popular Zippo lighter. The product was quite small and would fit any pocket, but on the other hand one had to remember that he/she had it in their pockets.

However, the latest product from BACktrack, the BACtrack Vio mobile breathalyzer, is bigger than its predecessor and is similar in size to an usb flash drive. But, at the same time the BACtrack Vio mobile breathalyzer is compact enough to go along with your keychain; and because of this, it is almost impossible for the user to forget to take it with him/her while going anywhere. Similarly, it is also impossible for the user to forget to use it before starting their vehicles.

This little device pairs to your IPhone or your Android smartphone via Bluetooth and displays the BAC or blood alcohol content and also displays the time required by your body to completely get rid of the alcohol from your system.

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