Roku brings Google Play to its Users

Roku brings Google Play to its Users

Roku has made its entry into Google Play to add to its growing list of video channels. Now, all users who own the latest generation of Roku boxes will be able to stream Google Play and the popular TV app from the comfort of their homes. The streaming of these channels, however, is limited to Ireland, USA, Canada and UK only.

Google Play and the TV app service are also available to both android platform users as well as iOS users throughout the world. Google is using these apps to counter the popularity of several crowd favorites such as Vudu, iTunes and Amazon Prime Video, and like these famous video channels the apps from Google also provide the user with a myriad of choices when it comes to TV channels and movies.

Google Play and the TV app are being added to Roku’s already huge collection of a variety of video and music apps such as Watch ESPN, Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Plus, Hulu Plus and lot more. All in all Roku has an incredible collection of more than 1600 video and music channels.

The latest addition to Roku also brings with it some interesting and attractive add-ons from Google. The app has an inbuilt option which is titled as the “gifts from Google”, on entering which users will find that the company is offering its customers a free copy of the original “X-Men” movie to the users of the apps. Apart from that the app also offers the “info card’s” feature of Google Play to its users, which can identify actors when the user pauses the show or movie.

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