Benefits of Commercial Dash Cameras

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Dashcams are a brilliant way to keep track of your drivers and their driving, as well as the roads ahead. They are mounted cameras in the vehicle that continuously record, and have a whole host of benefits. Here are a few benefits of commercial dash cameras.

Driving habits

Not only do dashcams help keep track of what’s happening on the road, they can also keep track of the driver. Certain types of fleet dash cam use computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect drowsiness in the driver. They can also provide visual or audio alerts to assist drivers, detect distraction and bad driving habits, as well as driver coaching. They can also incentivize good driving. Improving the driving habits of the driver helps to protect them and everyone else on the roads. By being able to watch what a driver is doing, managers can make sure that rules are being followed, and can identify any individuals who are breaking them.

Road Safety

Dash cameras can help improve road safety. They can record any incidents on the road, capturing and storing footage for a later date. They can detect harsh driving events such as sudden braking, and provide context to these actions. Not only can dashcam recordings provide evidence and contexts to incidents, they can also help prevent fraudulent claims or schemes made by other drivers. Dashcams can lower collision-related claims and could even act as crime deterrents. If a dashcam has built-in GPS, it may also be easier to locate stolen vehicles, and the cameras may be able to record other crimes such as damage or attempted theft.

Video footage and data

Dashcams provide real-time visibility, as well as the ability to store footage for use at a later date. Many have GPS tracking, which allows the business to track the location of the drivers. This is particularly useful, as it can improve the sustainability, efficiency and productivity of commercial fleets. Therefore, dashcams not only benefit road safety, but can also help improve business. There is so much information and data that can be extracted from dashcams and their related systems, and Envue Telematics can help a business owner do this to its full potential. This is a worthwhile investment for a business that relies on vehicle usage, and there are plenty of options to choose from. What you choose will depend on many elements, such as what you require from a dashcam system. Do you need driving monitoring software, or would you like video telematics powered by artificial intelligence?

With so many developments in technology, it has never been easier to keep tabs on drivers and vehicles; there’s even a new AI feature in some dashcams that can detect if a driver is wearing a mask or not. There are many benefits to dashcams in general, but for businesses and commercial fleets they can make a huge difference, not just by improving safety but by making the business run more smoothly. Expect more advances in this tech in the near future.

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