Making Your Resolutions for New Year

New Year Resolution

Many people make resolutions at the beginning of a new year. The resolutions are a way to set positive goals for individuals as they usher in the new year. The resolutions can revolve around anything concerning the welfare of people. Some set up financial goals, others have health-related resolutions, while other resolutions have professional approaches.  

Whatever your resolutions are, you can work towards them and achieve your goals. Let us look through some common resolution tips by that you can follow to achieve your goals. 

Breaking up big goals into smaller goals

We often make this mistake, setting up bigger goals that we end up failing in everything. You should set achievable goals by breaking down the bigger dream into doable activities. 

For instance, if you have a yearly goal, divide it into months or weeks, then have a laid-up plan on how you will achieve them. Yes, it easy to set up a big goal. But then is it achievable? How will you approach it? You can use the following tips to break down the bigger goal and make it possible:

  • Set milestones for each activity
  • Write a list of sub-tasks
  • Allocate resources evenly
  • Prioritize your tasks in order
  • Set each task with appropriate time
  • Concentrate on the next step and not the whole goal. 

Prepare for a change psychologically

If you want to change, you must embrace it. Before you start making the new year’s resolutions, ask yourself, are you ready for the change? The first step is to prepare your mind prepared for the changes. Now that you are entering a new year, it an excellent time to make comparisons. Figure out the following aspects

  • What were my goals last year? 
  • Did I achieve them? 
  • If no, ask yourself, where did I go wrong?
  • If you succeeded, remind yourself of what you did to reach your targets. 

Remember to celebrate the goals you achieved the previous year and refocus on what you didn’t achieve. Work towards the goals that failed. Again, you should always stay positive, focus on smaller changes, and understand that change is a gradual process when settling for changes. 

Limit resolutions to a manageable amount

It will be pointless when you set up many resolutions, yet you know you won’t manage them all. At some point, you will get overwhelmed and lose focus. Instead, you should set up minimum resolutions yet manageable. We are human beings and not superheroes. Have a small list of resolutions but know how to prioritize everything.  

Set resolutions that motivate you.

Do not fall for peer pressure from other people like friends, workmates, or even family members to set goals you don’t interest in. How can you plan for something you don’t love? The chances are that you won’t give the resolutions the required energy. You understand yourself better than anyone else. So, set goals that will motivate you to work hard towards achieving them. 

Automate where possible

Technology has played a significant part in our lives. There are applications you can use to track and achieve your resolutions. Among them include:

  • Boomerang for Gmail: You can set up reminders to your emails. 
  • Google Now: It is a personalized app that gives you information when you need it. 
  • Google Calendar: You can set up regular meetings related to your resolutions

Apart from the above applications, other task management apps help you to schedule reminders and to-do-list. They include Todoist, Asan, Omnifocus, Trello, and Microsoft To Do. 

Write down your goals

We are all human, and we have many activities running in our heads every other day. It can be hard to remember some things. Below are some of the reasons why you need to write down your goals. 

Written goals will help you resist any destructive things towards your success. In other words, goals written down motivate you to achieve them always. 

You can forget- As mentioned before, we have other activities each day. As a result, we can end up forgetting our goals. However, if you write them down, you can constantly check and work on them. 

Written goals show you the progress you have made because you can see what you have accomplished and what you haven’t accomplished. As a result, it gives you adequate time to work on other resolutions. Wondering where you can write your goals? Well, it is easy. You can: 

  • Save as a draft in your email
  • Write in a journal
  • Print and stick on the wall 
  • Keep the in a note-taking tool like Evernote

Review your resolution regularly

If you don’t review your goals, where will you get the motivation to work towards them? Every moment you need to have some time to review your goals. The art of checking on your goals helps you realize the areas you need to focus on. 

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Everyone looks forward to setting new year goals. It is always easy to set up goals than to accomplish them. If you want to stay on the right track, you need to implement the above tips, plus many others, to succeed in your resolutions.

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