10 Best free iPhone games at your fingertips


Niggled over the in – app payments games at your iPhone App Store. Don’t fret. We have literally boggled down the whole gamut of the App Store to feed you the best free iPhone games.

Lower your eyelids and download these games and see for yourself. You won’t regret this reading and my recommendations. Here’s the list of the 10 best free iPhone games available:



This game would allow you a simulated experience and give you some of the best visuals available on App Store.

A striking feature why to get this game is that it was used as display for iPhone 6S handsets power when it was invented. Its compatibility stands with iPhone5s, although it goes back to the tablet-iPad2.

This is a three on three team based action game. You would play with and against the team.  Teamwork is quintessential here to take down on the enemy and destroy the crystal at the opponent’s place.

This game puts no limit on game play, but only lets you use few free characters. Convince your friends to jump in and you can have a great time.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

This game is the sequel to the most popular running games in App Store and is probably the best free iPhone games available on any smartphones.

It’s an absolute must have for any new beginner of iPhone. The endless runner in the game needs to frantically navigate its way through twisting paths dodging all the obstacles in its way.

Look alike character of Bolt, Indiana Jones gets you into the mood. Spikey boulders, fatal drops, animated rotating grinders, fire hazards, tunnels keep you moving.

But you gotta swipe at the right moment and in the right direction to save yourself.

This sequel comes with souped -up graphics, new obstacles, more path variations and tons of power ups giving you a heart pounding game action feel.

Traffic Rider


This game is a fully – fledged racer on its own right. Its base is that it moves through traffic along trails and long stretched deserts and weaves itself in and out of the traffic.

Initially, the motor remains slow and underpowered but later it gets boosted and you get bonus points for maintaining high torque and achieving near misses along the trails.

You got to zigzag between uniquely programmed AI cars and it has quite a responsive control.

Its throttle is perfectly placed, so you don’t have to put your thumbs over to the action. This game would keep you busy for quite a while.

Alpha bearAlpha bear

Enjoy word games? We have got something more than just the simple scrabble. This game has loads of bears in it blocking your way.

Here the catch is that each word can be used for a limited number. In the last stage when the letter turns red, it blocks and turns it to a stone blocking your future movements.

This game is quite intriguing and keeps you glued for the word that you are hunting for.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

All the racing fans out there here’s this place for you to dive into. This game is just the opposite of Real racing 3 and is fun,  smooth and gives you the adrenaline rush you have been seeking.

Obstacles on the way are sudden deadly avalanches and shuttle launches. It provides plethora of variations in terms of scenery and traffic flow.

Candy Crush: Soda saga

Candy Crush: Soda saga

‘SODALICIOUS’ – Yes, you would be hearing this in the sequel to Candy Crush Saga. Love it or hate it but you surely can’t miss it.

There’s no denying that this game is massively popular and has an obscene number of players playing it day to day. It is the second most profitable games on the App Store currently.

It’s more or less similar to the previous Saga. New tricks such as soda bottles needs to be matched with similarly colored candies have come.

Again, candy bears comes into the screen which are trapped behind ice, you need to match the candy and break free the bear from the ice. Some of the candies have also received slight re – design.

Bottom line therefore comes – We all love Candy Crush, so there’s no missing it, no matter how much irk it causes our Facebook friends.

The Simpsons: Tapped out

The Simpsons: Tapped out

The title by Electronic Arts inspires game developer to keep chasing the lucrative IOS and Android market.  That if you are a fan of The Simpsons gives you just the reason as to why you would enjoy it.

This game is a virtual clone of the TV show, animated and dominated by color. The actors in the show give the sound to the characters in the game. The dialogues and the quest match up to the essence of the show.

The Characters always keep on moving and tapping the actors or some other decorations to play would generate a response. The game centers around the antics of Homer Simpson and donuts forms the in – game currency.

Sage Solitaire


We all have grown up playing Solitaire on our PCs. But Sage Solitaire has a slightly different orientation. It’s a brilliant mash up of solitaire and poker.

It gives you a virtual trip to Vegas by its three -by -three grids, quite a bit poker. It is specially designed for iPhone as it has been given a portrait orientation.

The rules are borrowed from poker, where you can tap your hands to remove the cards and work your way through the piles of cards.

Remove the nine piles completely and bonus awaits your way – whether your cards were on the top, middle or below, you get the bonus of 150,100 or 50.

Bejeweled blitz

Bejeweled blitz

This game is literally a stellar and one of the best free games for iPhone. Quite similar in structure as that of Candy crush, each session ends at the 60 second mark, and the main aim is to score more than your friends on Facebook.

The game very well supports its structure using high – toned sounds and dynamic colors and reinforces a sense of momentum.

You get tons of opportunities to score ludicrous obscene amount of scores. Some extra elements have been added to this Saga.

Raider Rush


This game looks stunningly simple but is incredibly tough. It’s not easy by any means. In Raider Rush, you are apparently solving the mysteries of two temple towers, in a mission to restore world peace.

The challenge is, here you have towers filling up with lava creeping up quickly. One misstep and you could end up dying because of the lava or the spikes and dangerous saw-blades.

So you would need to jump left or right, through various towers, promptly to save yourself from the lava.

Now that we have helped you with all the intricate details of the most sought after best free iPhone games on your iPhone App Store platform, your work just got easier.

Play the games which come absolutely free at your fingertips. Call up your gaming squads and game on. You could thank me later!

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