Games On The Go With iPhones

Games On The Go With iPhone

For those of you who take your gaming seriously, it’s probably come as no surprise that the number of platforms seems to advance at a frankly ridiculous pace. No sooner have you acquired the latest, must-have piece of kit before two new ones are released and an upgrade for the one you’ve just bought.

With everyone from the US to Australia moving towards the idea of motion control and photo realism, where can a gamer go just to play some good old fashioned games?

It may not come as a surprise to you that the iPhone was recently voted as the most popular hand held gaming device, and so it should. The range and breadth of games available is quite staggering, whatever type of experience it is you are looking for.

Whether you’re after old school platform adventure, brain taxing puzzlers or even first person shooters, there really is something that you will love. Enjoy online casino games?

As the iPhone ages, the games just get better. Each generation of games becomes slightly more able to take full advantage of the hardware available, meaning that it’s possible to find remakes of old classics like the Final Fantasy series, even going up to such recent gems as GTA 3.

The controls have all been modified to suit a touch screen setup, but otherwise it’s just how you remember it back in the day.

As well as old favourites, there are some new stars coming up on the iOS, with new games being released every week from people all over the world like the UK or Australia.Just load up the app store and see for yourself.

There are hundreds of games available; lots of them as free downloads.The gaming boom is happening all over again, and the iPhone is where it’s happening.

One major reason why this boom is happening so fast is because of indie game developers taking it upon themselves to create interesting and different games that actually use all the platform specific functionalities.

Rather than just trying to follow on from the popular games on major consoles such as Call of Duty where it is all about twitch reactions and very precise controls, indie developers are creating more puzzle orientated games such as Sword and Sorcery. These types of games rely much more on the player working out or grasping a puzzle than being able to spin instantly and shoot.

iPhones and iPads have such a massive user base that if these games catch on even a little they then become very profitable due to the lack of cost in production. This is a major reason why huge publishers such as EA and Activision are currently producing games for the platform such as Burnout Crash.

These companies see the market as an easy target for profit and so we shall see a battle between the independent developers and the big boys of the gaming industry.

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  1. From 2-3 years ago game developers have changed their approach to market. They became aware that the mobile market was growing and the devices were more and more powerful. The big pluses for these games are: they are so small compared to the PC/console counterparts, they are dirt cheap and they provide a fun way to commute.

  2. Probably, People like to playing puzzle game on their phone but I think children are more addicted as compared to adults because adults don’t have much time to play games on their phone but children’s are more tension free and they have time to play games on phone (iPhone and Android) like Angry bird and so on.

  3. I like playing puzzle game in my spare time. And I’ve found it enjoyable and relaxing in me. It also challenge me some time. Thanks for this post.

  4. Mobile casino games will only increase with popularity, as they’re a few strokes away from your smartphone. I reckon they will be more popular than sports betting someday too!


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