Why Choose Windows Phone Over Android?

Why Choose Windows Phone Over Android?

The majority of contracted and prepaid smartphones on the global market are running the Google developed Android operating systems – in it’s various forms – which you would think would mean that it is in fact the best one out there, leaving Apples’ iOS and Microsoft’s Windows systems in its wake. In actual fact, there are a significant number of flaws with Android, especially when you compare it with the other two “big guns.”

If you were to speak to your friends about buying a new smartphone, they will tell you that there are two ways to go. Either you should opt for the iPhone 4S, or an Android powered phone such as the BlackBerry Curve.

However, if you were to broaden your range with your quest for information and visit the online forums, you’ll find out that those running the Windows Phone OS are proving to be serious rivals and in many cases are significantly better than the Android alternative.

The reason for excluding the iPhone from this battle is that it has been developed by Apple themselves. This comparison is between two of the biggest names in recent decades – Google and Microsoft – and here are the top three reasons that you should ignore your Android-biased friends and choose a Windows 7 powered phone.


When using a smartphone, you want everything to be quick and smooth. So many alternative phones allow you to take a picture of something, but then you have to go through numerous sections and sub sections of the menu pages before you can upload it to Facebook or Tweet it.

With the Windows Phone 7 OS, you can upload directly to social networks without having to leave the image you’ve just snapped and your magical moment can be photographed and shared with the world in seconds, rather than agonizing minutes.

Social Networking

I’ve already touched upon the ability to take photographs and share them quickly on the social networks, but just the ease of use of Facebook, Twitter and alike makes the Windows Phone 7 the best option.

You can add images and details of your Facebook friends into your contact list, and increasing numbers of phones allow users to add Twitter and LinkedIn details too. Obviously, you can disable this feature if you wish, but no social addict would!

Work on the Move

A lot of smartphones are sold to people on the move. Having the ability to keep working while out of the office either on the train to a business meeting or while abroad to stay in touch with emails is a Godsend, and the Windows Phone 7 OS features Microsoft Office, which means that not only can you stay on top of work related emails, but you can actually keep working using Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which can then be shared using the likes of SkyDrive.

Apps can be downloaded for the other OS systems, but why download the Apps and pay for them when they’re included with the Microsoft Windows Phones? Doesn’t make sense if you ask me, especially if that’s what you want your phone for.

Chris White is an experienced technology blogger currently working around fields such as cell phones, tablet computers and the very latest gadgets on the market.

9 thoughts on “Why Choose Windows Phone Over Android?”

  1. I am using android phone at present and I think ot is a good OS. As you said in the first point about sharing the photos directly to social networking sites; I cam very well do it soon after clicking the photo.

    But yes unless I personally use windows phone I cannot really talk about the difference between the two.

  2. Ok, I should begin by saying that I am no Android fan boy, but I have been working in the GPS and GSm industry for 8 years now. The first that struck me, I believe that is an unintentional mistake, is that Blackberry Curve 9360 is using Android. It is using BlackBerry OS 7.0, in fact, no Blackberry is using Android. As for the advantages of Windows Phone OS, the speed is ok, even that until now the WP OS does not support multicore processors. Sharing things on social media networks are well covered in all smartphones in the market, as for the work on the move, again, covered by all the smartphones on the market, regarding the OS. Another thing; I cannot see anywhere the limitations of WP OS and since we are geeks, we know them. Let me tell you a few: non-expandable storage, no mass storage mode (Zune only), no flash support in browser, no DivX/XviD video support, non-user-replaceable battery. All three mobile OS are great (iOS, WP, Android) but all come with limitations. If the consumer can cope with them, then it means that he chose the right handset for him.

  3. I was looking for this info about windows phone over android. Nice post, really helpful for me.
    Thanks for sharing it……….

  4. Being a loyal Apple user, I never considered switching to a Windows or an Android phone. But after reading this article, I have somehow been enlightened. Now thinking twice on whether I’l shift to a new Windows phone or wait for the next iPhone.

  5. There are pros and cons to consider when buying gadgets in general. I personally consider the following: value for money, how well it suits my lifestyle and the features the product boasts of. I’m currently using a blackberry but I am very much open to switching to either an iphone 4s or a Windows phone. Thanks for sharing its benefits.

  6. Mobility if of utmost importance to me and my smartphone really does the job. I’ve installed several apps that would enable me to do the tasks that I usually accomplish with my laptop. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hey Chris,
    Other than the reasons you’ve mentioned above, I would like to add a personal reason for preferring a Windows phone over an android one. The user interface of Windows Phone OS is very addictive. It enhances user experience manifolds.


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